Scotland – Are you noticing the shift?

Well, what a week this has started off to be.

Our children will look back at these days as taught in their History classes as a time in which it nearly all went pear shaped…at least that’s what I hope they will be taught.


Of course, this all depends on the future actions of the POTUS, UK PM and our First Minister. Continue reading

Independence is Gone if Labour Gain!

So I wrote about this a while back in my blog post titled ‘Corbyns Labour is a Very Real Threat to Independence‘.

This blog post is on the same basis, except this time people should really start paying attention to what I am trying to say.

The biggest threat to Independence is not the Tories and their calamitous Brexit, its Labour…or rather Corbyns Labour. Continue reading

Scotland – Let’s Talk Currency!

I ran a Twitter poll on Saturday and the results are in.  Bear in mind that it wasn’t possible to have more than four options so I ran with the four most likely (option 4 being achieved post two years in the ERM with our own currency and an ‘adequate’ deficit).

To be honest, I am not surprised with the results.

The poll was as per the below: Continue reading

How the SNP ‘could’ tackle the Scottish Media bias!

So on the back of my previous blog ‘Why are the SNP not officially rebutting the Scottish media?’ post which seems to have created much discussion, I felt it right to discuss what my proposition would be regards how the SNP tackle the mainstream media bias in Scotland.

I’m sure, this article will create discussion too, but that’s what both of these are meant to do, get us talking, get us involved and get us to help the SNP move forward. Continue reading