The Missing Scottish Billions…

I stumbled across a fantastic website illustrating every countries exports, down to the finest of details. It is a website titled “the Observatory of Economic Complexity”, here is the homepage of this site.

The Union Dividend…Read the Reality!

A couple of days ago I was looking for a copy of The National in a Coop in Stonehaven. I eventually found the last copy underneath another newspaper, semi-hidden from view. It’s so pathetic that Unionists fear independence so much that they feel the need to hide a newspaper from the publics gaze.

Mystic MacAlba?

Well what do you know?  The Prime Minister of the dis-United Kingdom has 2 weeks left to ‘serve’. The worst Prime Minister in my 30+ years, and I’m sure a contender for the worst of all time. I’m not going to digress a lot on why, or who will succeed, but what I will do… Read More Mystic MacAlba?

“Global Britain”

Scotland has been part of the United Kingdom for over 300 years.  As a part of that United Kingdom, she has participated, whether willingly or not, in some horrendous crimes against humanity.