Scotland is Political Occupied Territory

Personally speaking, I define that as territory under the authority and effective control of a contentious Political Party or Parties.

The three main Unionist parties in Scotland, the Labour Party, Conservative and Unionist Party and the Liberal Democrat Party are all political parties registered in England but they field candidates in Scotland, England and Wales (I’ll leave out Northern Ireland as its politically different).

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Sticks and Stones!

I couldn’t care what people call me, I couldn’t care what connotations it brings and I certainly couldn’t care whether someone believes in my motives for supporting Scottish independence. Continue reading

Brexit – The Scottish Independence Deception!

For some time I have felt that the Brexit vote is being used as a proxy to take momentum away from Scotland’s independence movement.  Some of you may agree, so of you may not.  It’s difficult for me to describe exactly why I believe that is the case without much verifiable information, but I shall attempt to below. Continue reading

Holyrood is Marked for Demolition

Next week, Theresa Mays Government, including the Secretary of State for Scotland in the Union, David Mundell will be challenging the Scottish Governments Continuity Bill at the UK Supreme Court.

David Mundell, not too long ago distinctly told Scotland that he would fight Scotland’s corner.  Seems like he was telling a little porkie pie! Continue reading

Busting Fraser Whytes meme-busting-deficit-drivel!

Yesterday I was attempting to have an informal, off the cuff discussion with a couple of Unionists on Twitter who, for all intents and purposes were trying desperately to convince me of their line of thought by posting single emoji replies, calling me a foot soldier and a drone.

Sadly for them, there is no amount of name calling or emoji arguments they could present that would ever make me change my mind. Continue reading