The one Poll to change it all?

The results are in people.

I commissioned a Twitter poll on Friday.  I only let it run 3 days so that I could write up this blog post sooner rather than later.

I posed a question and humbly asked for it to be re-tweeted far and wide.

The question was:

Should Scottish MP’s be recalled to Scotland to form an Emergency National Assembly given the current state of UK democracy?

Now before I share the results, I want to elaborate on the proposition of the question.

Firstly, let me link you to the excellent Craig Murray.  He wrote a blog post on Options for Independence. Below is an extract from this.

In the event that Scotland is being blocked from holding either a referendum or an election, the Scottish Government could move to convene a National Assembly. This might consist of all MPs, MSPs and MEPs and that body could declare Independence. To be clear, that would be a revolutionary act in UK terms, but it is perfectly normal for such an act to be required at the birth of a new state and is no bar to it being accepted in international law as a state through recognition by the United Nations General Assembly.

The argument would run that, having been blocked at every turn from holding a democratic vote either by way of referendum or parliamentary election, the Scottish government had taken the option of convening all representatives democratically elected at the national level – MSPs, MPs and MEPs, and these elected representatives of the Scottish people had made the decision. That is perfectly respectable and entirely analogous to the way many EU members such as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia became independent.

Anyway, the results of the poll are as such:

  Percentage Vote Number of Votes
Yes 75% 1,082
No 7% 100
Once EU Bill goes through House of Lords 16% 231
Leave it all as it is 2% 29
*Number of votes cast 1442

Now when we look at this statement from Craig Murray, what we can surmise is that recalling our elected ministers to Scotland is not uncommon in global politics – in fact it’s the more-so the norm, furthermore, recalling our elected officials would send an unequivocal message to Westminster, Europe and the World that Scotland will not tolerate the complete disregard for democracy in the UK in the face of the EU Withdrawal Bill.  Again I assert that whether a Yes or No, Leave or Remain voter, the EU Withdrawal Bill is the biggest issue facing Scotland and the First Ministers responsibility towards the people of Scotland.  The UK Government want that angle.  They want us to be distracted by defending Devolution instead of attaining Independence.  It’s easier for them to muddy the waters of ‘powers this’ and ‘powers that’ rather than deal with a separating Scotland during Brexit.  The threat to the UK does not come from trade agreements and immigrants, it comes from the UK state no longer being a legal entity.  Scotland walking on its own would be the mother of all nightmares for the UK state.  But for Scotland, it would be the mother of all escapes.

With that being said, 75% of the 1,442 people that voted would like to see Scotland’s Ministers recalled to form a National Assembly with 16% wanting to wait until the EU Withdrawal Bill goes to the House of Lords before agreeing to this.


A total 7% disagree entirely, whilst a lowly 2% want things to stay as they are.  Broken down further, 91% of voters want Scottish Ministers recalled between now and when the EU Withdrawal Bill goes to the House of Lords, which I anticipate will be shortly, whilst only 9% do not want any form of National Assembly at all.

So as far as Polls go, it’s quite conclusive.

For the matter of clarity, this Poll had just under 20,000 impressions. It was seen far and wide, there were plenty of options for people to vote against the question – that didn’t happen.

So with that in mind, the desire amongst the people of Scotland is there (at least through this poll) for some form of other action to be taken by the First Minister instead of the apparent pacifying of the attitude and disregard towards Scotland.  Now whether or not she would act on something like this is another debate, but what can be ascertained is that the people of Scotland want to see something different.

The First Minister promised to hold the oppositions ‘feet to the fire’.  What more assertive way to do this than to stand up and call a National Assembly of all elected Scottish Ministers (MP’s, MSPs and MEP’s) and put the vote to them to declare independence due to the closed nature of Westminster’s attitude regarding Scottish interests.

If Westminster will not allow the democratically elected Scottish Parliment to hold another referendum, they will not allow Scotland to remain within the Single Market and they cannot assure that all powers coming back through Brexit are not automatically devolved what other options do we as a collective people have?  What other options does Nicola have?


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