Brexit – Stupidity or Shrewd?


So another day, another headline or twenty.

Everyday there is another story hitting the press that just reeks of UK Government stupidity – but is it stupidity or shrewd?

Yesterday we saw the very ‘eloquent’ Foreign Secretary telling the EU to ‘Go Whistle’, in the face of a potential divorce bill.  Now whether or not the EU is right to demand money as part of its settlement is neither here nor there. However, it simply beggars belief that someone so high in UK Government Office would feel obligated to comment so disrespectfully towards the very union that it wants to leave and that has benefited the UK for decades – particularly in the face of that very union being the other negotiator in getting a ‘Good Deal for Britain’.

Let’s not forget that it was not the EU who threw us out, it was the UK who voted to leave.  The Leave Campaign did not mention any form of ‘divorce bill’ during its campaign, which I suspect they were fully aware of.  Had they done so, I very much doubt we would be leaving at all.

The EU would not simply conjure up a sum of money that it was ‘demanding’ if there was no legal requirement to pay for your commitments – they know this and the UK Government know this – they are just playing ignorant to agitate the British public.

The figures being quoted do seem to be very large but I am basing that purely on my own understanding of where that money has been allocated, which is beyond doubt uninformed.  With that being said, we are talking about a country and its commitments for a few years to the worlds largest market.

The problem I have with it all is not the payments or legal issues, it’s the way in which the people of the UK are being divided by it.

The UK government knows full well that running with extreme headlines around Brexit and trying to make the EU look like the aggressor will only fuel public anger.  Couple this with the squeeze in wages, reduction in public services, austerity and inflation you are beginning to bring the pot to the boil.

On top of this we have a major constitutional crisis ahead of us and I am beginning to only see one likely outcome.

If an Legislative Consent Motion is required by the devolved administrations to enact the Great Repeal Bill, the Welsh Assembly will pass it as they voted Leave and must respect the will of the Welsh people, the Northern Irish Assembly will very likely still not be formed and direct rule will be in place so likely not required here…that leaves Scotland.

If the Scottish Government is required to pass an LCM for the Great Repeal Bill to take effect, will they actually do it?  At the moment I imagine they will not.  This could potentially become the tipping point for public anger south of the border – Scotland blocking England’s Brexit.

Headlines would scream ‘Enemy of England’, ‘Where is Edward II When You Need Him?’ etc.

It is my opinion that the media are hyping everything to a potential tipping point.  It would not surprise me a great deal if they were pushing for a form of civil unrest and with the DUP deal, Tory cuts, Independence, LCM’s and Brexit, it would appear to me that they are trying hard to achieve it – and will likely succeed in one way or another.

The twists around Brexit and Government Officials pitching opposite statements is a further attempt at swaying the public to become complicit in it all and confuse people to believe possibly that Brexit might never happen.  Are they trying to prime people for angry outbursts?  Are they possibly trying to stir that emotion across both the left and right?

I recall saying this when the vote came through – I said it to my wife and work colleagues.  There is too much to lose financially for it to happen the way leavers want it.  I do not believe ‘Brexit means Brexit’ will happen.  It will be stopped either via Brexit being cancelled in some form, the Scottish Government not passing an LCM or another General Election and potential 2nd referendum off the back of Labour being propped up by the Liberal democrats.  All three options here are now looking like a possible unfolding scenario – take your pick!

It really is a potential powder keg.  People need to see what is going on here.  This is not incompetence by Government Officials, this seems more like an agenda to keep and create further deep divisions across the people, accelerate hatred and potentially spark outrage.

The left must stay true to its cause and continue to hold Government to account.  Not for the sake of the UK, the EU or political parties but for ourselves.

The UK will be a very different animal come time, but for Scottish Independence and for a decent Brexit for those who want it, people must step back, remain calm and focus on pushing positivity across the 4 nations.

Some people will be sitting back with a huge yearlong supply of popcorn, I won’t, I will be paying attention to the finer details in the back ground…I suggest you do too as it will affect you, your loved ones and your family for generations.

Legislative Consent Motion

Northern Ireland Executive

Foreign Secretary – ‘Go Whistle’

Great Repeal Bill


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