Scotland Declaring UDI? You-Dee-Yes-Yet?


I’m going to keep this brief.

In the wake of the past couple of years, there is an air in our ‘Political Scotland’ that smells of a cunning, sly and pre-determined odour.

From 2012/13 when the Edinburgh Agreement was signed, right through to the present day, the Scottish Parliament, and more importantly, the Scottish people have and are being treated with utter contempt.  It borders on ‘closet’ racism by the political elite of another country.  Make no mistake, England is a foreign country!  That statement in itself is not racist, it is fact.

Oxfords Living Dictionary’s definition of country in English:

Noun – A nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory.

Since the Edinburgh Agreement was discussed and through Indyref to present, the treatment of the Scottish electorate and Parliament will always be remembered in history if we allow it to be (history our children and grandchildren will learn) as nothing more than ‘Scotland said No!’ What is should rightly be remembered as is ‘Scotland was lied, cheated and bullied to say No!’

I’m going to put what I can personally remember in a list below, no apparent order, only under the year or approximations.

I know many of you will be aware of most, if not all of this but you need to question where its headed.

Ask yourself after reading this list…’What is the next move of the UK Government?’

Then when you come to that conclusion, ask yourself ‘How do we stop the next move taking place?’

Remember that all of the below was sold to Scotland on the pre-text of



  • David Cameron agrees to Indyref (Objects to Home Rule or Devo Max being on the ballot paper)

2013 and 2014

  • Vote Yes and the Banks will leave. (Already happening due to Brexit)
  • Vote Yes and you will be out of the EU. (Already happening due to Brexit)
  • Vote Yes and lose billions in renewable energy subsidies. (Stopped by Tories)
  • Vote Yes and lose Carbon Capture at Peterhead. (Stopped by Tories)
  • Vote Yes and risk leaving the rUK to eternal Tory rule – said Labour. (Another election and a DUP deal to stay in power)
  • Vote Yes and risk losing your pensions. (WASPI women? Triple Lock? Increase in Pension age? Tory Manifesto 2017?)
  • Vote Yes and you won’t get the 13 frigate order. (Went from 13, to 8 to now 3)
  • Vote Yes and lose the pound. (Former chairman of BoE after Indyref said this was wrong. Scotland can use any currency it wants)
  • Vote Yes and lose HMRC jobs (Already lost some 3,000 jobs in Scotland)
  • Vote Yes and have border controls with England. (NI has a free border with Eire)
  • Vote No to be an Equal partner in the UK. (No seat at Brexit, no response on ‘Scotland’s Place in Europe’)
  • Vote No to keep Barnett consequentials. (Continuous reduction, including £1 Billion extra for NI only)
  • Vote No for ‘Near Federalism’ or effective Devo Max. (Every amendment to the Scotland Bill proposed by the SNP was rejected)
  • Vote No for the broad shoulders of the UK to help Aberdeen. (Ignored!)
  • Vote No and that will speed up more Devolution. (Great Repeal Bill now clearly states that Scotland will get no new powers after Brexit)
  • Scotland should lead, not leave. (Devolved Parliaments routinely ignored at EVERY opportunity)
  • Where is your plan B – FOR EVERYTHING? (Where is Plan A for Brexit?)
  • EVEL. (Day after Indy vote, English Votes for English Laws in the UK Parliament, no English Assembly created).
  • Bedroom Tax. (Mitigated in Scotland)
  • Trident vote. (SNP fully reject, we get it anyway at £200Billion, but no money for Public Services)

2015, 2016 and so far in 2017

  • Brexit. (Scotland votes remain, England votes leaves – We Leave)
  • Ruth Davidson and Kezia Dugdale both campaigned to stay in the EU. (Now support leaving and Scotland being taken out too)
  • Scotlands defecit. (Produced in London, By London, For London and does not account for fiscal policies in a fully independent Scotland, includes billions in UK debt interest payments)
  • Supreme Court ruling. (Devolved Parliaments do not need to be consulted)
  • Will of the country. (UK is not a country. Two nations voted remain, two nations voted leave. What happened to the partnership of equals?)
  • Scottish Independence marches. (No security funding available by a certain local council, Orange Order marches are OK. No TV coverage but plenty for Orange Order)
  • Scottish flag removed. (Seen as political by a certain council – Union Jack OK)
  • DUP Deal. (Extra cash to prop up Tories and listed as a City Deal so no requirement to change Barnett)
  • Snap General Election. (Entire GE campaign in Scotland by Labour, Tories and Lib Dems is about Indyref2)
  • SNP lose 21 seats at GE17. (Media say SNP lost election, Tories in England win election)
  • SNP gain votes at council election 2017. (BBC tell the public we lost seats and votes)
  • Tactical voting. (Encouraged by the Labour Scottish Leader in run up to GE17 to vote Tory in specific areas to keep out the SNP)
  • Lib Dems want second EU referendum. (But disagree with second Scottish referendum)
  • SNP locked out of councils. (SNP locked out of many councils due to Tory-Labour coalitions even though they gained the most seats in those local councils)
  • SNP causing recession due to Indyref2. (Scotland outpaces UK by 4 times)
  • Scotland to get lots of extra powers after Brexit. (Great Repeal Bill says no to extra powers)
  • Army on streets due to Police cuts. (Thankfully not in Scotland as devolved)
  • There is No Magic Money Tree. (Unless you are the DUP and in Northern Ireland)
  • Continued austerity

This list is NOT exhaustive, this is just what comes to mind.

So again, ask yourself…

’What is the next move of the UK Government regards Scottish Independence?’

Will they actually change their tune and give Scotland a political break and actually help the Scottish people?


One thought on “Scotland Declaring UDI? You-Dee-Yes-Yet?

  1. Why do the people of the S.E. of England move to Scotland if it is so poor and wee??Because housing is better and cheaper!! the better and less M.P.,s selling their goods to the N.H.S.Their children get University for free??(Scottish gov,t subsidise it)So the older generation benefit with health,and young family with education.There is all the infrastructure projects that are paid by the S.N.P. They then vote NO to the hand that feeds them,,vote Tory to look after them!?? Scotland is a different country what don,t they understand! Take resources and stick Scotland with TRIDENT !! No other country in the World would put up with this biased nonsense !!

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