Is this the start of the Devolution End-Game?


This past couple of days I have been blogging on the direction of travel, or at least asking you all to recognise the smoke and mirrors being deployed at the UK Government level regards Scotland and the devolved administrations across the UK.

It reminds me of the Star Trek Voyager two part episode – End Game.  For those Trekkies out there you will be aware of those episodes, for those of you who are not Trekkies, the basic premise is that a stranded Voyager and her crew cannot get home, a future Captain Janeway travels back in time with Technology and knowledge to defeat The Borg and travel through a series of ‘worm holes’ to get back to Earth.

The recent events from the past couple of years remind me of this.  What if we could go back to 2013/14 and show everything we know today to the people of Scotland?  Would that have brought the people of Scotland ‘home’?  Would it have saved them from the calamities of today? Would we be Independent now?

If you think it would, as I do…what does it say for going forward?  How much more of this ‘end game’ scenario must play out before it’s too late?

I could rehash the same old stuff again here in an attempt to try and illustrate my points but I need not do that, instead I will simply re-emphasise what I believe to be the turning point and what the path looks like ahead.

Before I start, let me explain my own political stance.  I am an SNP voter, mostly because they are a means to Independence.  In a potential Independent Scotland, I would like to believe that the vacuum created politically would enable a few other parties to come forward and possibly take my vote – in fact I welcome the political diversity of it.

I am, i suppose, a left of centre voter.  I believe in progress for all, and equality.  I also believe in green energy but on the other hand I recognise that equality isn’t just about money earned, it’s also about money taken away from the state.

‘…it was simply about saving the UK from political uncertainty, smoke and mirrors – at least to begin with’.

When the Parliament in Scotland was reconvened in 1999, there was a thought pattern across the UK that recognised a slow growing political spilt in opinion in Scotland prior to 1999 that required controlling.  It was imperative that the ‘nationalist’ movement be pacified in some way to stop it getting out of hand.  The Scottish Parliament was reconvened on this basis and this basis alone.  No other excuse of this or that washes with me, it was simply about saving the UK from political uncertainty, smoke and mirrors – at least to begin with.

Since then, we have seen the Scottish Parliament be used by the ‘nationalist’ movement as a way of expressing that ‘nationalism’.  This, I believe was an unlikely event to occur in the eyes of the UK establishment, but that unlikely event has occurred.  I simply believe the reason for that is because Scotland has an identity that is far stronger across its people that most outside of Scotland, and many in it, believe or were aware of, and that the UK establishment just cannot help itself to stop doing what it has always done.  ‘Nationalism’ has been part of Scotland for centuries, if not millennia.  It will never go away.  It can only ever be pacified.

The difference today is that the pacifying is occurring on an almost daily basis and the ‘nationalist’ train gathers pace.

The UK establishments answer to this unsustainable approach, which is what I believe Nicola Sturgeon was referring too in her ‘unsustainable’ remarks, is the erosion of devolution to a point where the legislative power is watered down where the competence is basically that of a powerful local authority.

There have been many little things in the back ground that have taken place this past few years to highlight this intention across the UK establishment.

‘Brexit, as an endeavour, from start to end is the example people should use when gauging the UK establishments mind-set towards Scotland’.

We have seen a huge spike in ‘nationalism is bad’ when it’s Scottish but not when it’s British.  We have seen the Scottish Secretary tell us one thing then shortly after totally contradict himself, we have seen a concentrated effort to sway people away from self-determination, we have seen the Vow, we have seen the media bias towards British ‘nationalism’ V Scottish ‘nationalism’ and now we have seen the mask slip further with the ‘no powers returning to Holyrood after Brexit’ – Promises, promises, promises!

Brexit, as an endeavour, from start to end is the example people should use when gauging the UK establishments mind-set towards Scotland.

The idea that they ‘can have their cake and eat it’, along with ‘you can go whistle’ and of course ‘the world is lining up to do business with Britain’ simply epitomises the idea that the UK establishment is supreme, not just at home but on a global scale.  The idea of Empire 2.0 also reinforces the delusions of grandeur that the UK establishment believes.  What’s worse here is that they are dividing the population to achieve it and it’s unchecked, uncontrolled and downright irresponsible.

The end game moving forward will simply be to make Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland less powerful and more in line with what they believe to be UK establishment colonies.

Nicola Sturgeon, I believe is aware of this, but she needs people to see it – she cannot come out and say it, she would be ridiculed.  I think deep down people do see it, it’s just that they don’t do anything about it because it’s not ‘actually directly’ affecting them, which of course it is, nibbles at a time!

The British song, which is published daily in the media as ‘Britain is Great’ is what is being put into people’s minds to prepare them for stripping devolution powers further.  The very name of the act to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 is another illustration of this.

Using the world ‘Great’ in Repeal Bill is telling people without their general acknowledgement that repealing EU law will be ‘Great’.  They are not using the word ‘Great’ as a way of symbolising its importance, they are using it as a way of symbolising its British Leave effect.  It will not be great.  Many of those laws protect our very rights to exist on this planet.  They protect us from torture and slavery.

‘The Constitutional Crisis that they talk about is not a crisis, it is a circus – a gambit!’

The Scottish people should be aware that a barrage of media rhetoric is going to be thrown at them from the UK establishment – I do not believe we have seen anything like it and it will be targeted at devolution and why it’s not needed anymore.  The Constitutional Crisis that they talk about is not a crisis, it is a circus – a gambit!  They will use this LCM requirement, which Scotland will block, to be the final reason to strip powers away from Scotland.

Why else would they go to the Supreme Court to prove to the British people that the Scottish Parliament didn’t need consulting? It wasn’t about Perogative Powers, it was to get a ruling on devolution.  The Prime Minister and other officials knew they couldn’t use those powers, as did most senior law makers.  Why did they not get an LCM to start the Brexit process, but will get one to finalise it?

The UK establishment cannot allow little ‘subsidised’ Scotland to prevent the rest of the UK (England) leaving the EU.  This would be the tipping point for the people…and they know it.

This process unfolding will be to the demise of the Scottish Parliament.

The UK establishment knows that if a second referendum on Scottish Independence were to be held that they would likely lose it.  This is why ‘now is not the time’, the time is when the UK establishment says it is, and that will be once they are ready to strip the powers from the Scottish Parliament – after a declined LCM.

‘if we lose Indyref2, you can kiss goodbye to anything resembling the likes of todays devolved parliament…its power stripping will be swift – EVEL swift!’

An LCM will be requested which will very likely be denied.  The likely outcome from this will be that Scotland and the UK will agree to pass the LCM in exchange for a second Independence referendum.  The media rhetoric to that point will be about the SNP stopping Brexit and the Constitutional Crisis that has occurred.  The decision to stop Brexit will anger the 38% at home and the 55% unionist voters. The mountain will be far harder to climb if this is the strategy of the UK establishment – if we lose Indyref2, you can kiss goodbye to anything resembling the likes of todays devolved parliament…its power stripping will be swift – EVEL swift!

The SNP and their strategists must surely be seeing this.  I know they are playing the long game here but I suspect the long game they are counting on is already in extra-time.


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