The ‘End-Game’ starts – Buckle Up Scotland!

democracy-vs-dictatorship-types-of-government-5-638The Daily Mail is running with a story today with the headline ‘Access DENIED: No 10 cancels Nicola Sturgeon’s right to demand meetings with Theresa May’.

This should raise many eyebrows in Scotland because it is the beginning of what I wrote about on the 14th July 2017 in my blog post titled ‘Is this the start of the Devolution End-Game’?

In a nut shell – Yes it is!

The article states  ‘Nicola Sturgeon will no longer be granted access to Prime Minister Theresa May in a highly provocative move which is likely to cause a major row with the SNP.

From now on, the SNP leader will only get to deal with Scottish Secretary David Mundell because ministers believe ‘he is at the same level as her

It then goes on to say ‘But the doors of Number 10 will now be firmly closed to Miss Sturgeon in a deliberate attempt to downgrade her stature.  The UK Government believes that allowing Miss Sturgeon regular access to Mrs May boosts her profile and makes her look like an international leader.

A Tory minister told the Scottish Daily Mail: ‘She will no longer get the same access to the Prime Minister. She should be meeting David Mundell because he is at the same level as her.’

Make no mistake about it people, this is the beginning of the British State trying to paint our First Minister in an image of little importance in preperation to strip devolution.

David Mundell is an MP.  He is not an MSP, he does not sit in the Scottish Parliament and he was ‘assigned’ his role of Secretary of State for Scotland – the First Minister is the First Minister of the Scottish Parliment.

To compare him and the First Minister as equals is exactly what I was getting at with the ‘End-Game’.

If the Scottish Parliament and Nicola Sturgeon can be made out to be insignificant with an authoritarian government on top of it, it will become much easier to dismantle it in the future.

People need to be making noises about this.  I look forward to Nicola’s response to this, and the response of the people of Scotland, although I expect the 55% to cheer it and continue with the name calling towards the elected First Minister of Scotland.

Be prepared for many more of these acts towards Scotland.  Be prepared for Barnett changes and devolution changes, it is their End-Game to quash Scotland’s right to self-determination.

If you voted No in 2014, but support devolution, you need to ask yourself some serious questions!


7 thoughts on “The ‘End-Game’ starts – Buckle Up Scotland!

  1. This insult cannot no will not be allowed to pass, I suggest Nicola employs one of Holyroods tea ladies to converse with Mundell, someone of HIS standing!
    apologies to all tea ladies


  2. i think May is running scared of first minister ,she knows she does not have the intelligence to put up a good argument.its obvious why she left it till the last minute to let people know..


  3. This is from The Scotland Act 1998:
    ‘The First Minister is, by virtue of section 45(7) of the Scotland Act 1998, ex officio the Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland and their place in the order of precedence in Scotland is determined by the holding of that office.[13][14] The scale of precedence in Scotland was amended by Royal Warrant on 30 June 1999 to take account of devolution and the establishment of the post of First Minister.[14] The amended scale reflected the transfer of the office of Keeper of the Great Seal from the Secretary of State for Scotland to the First Minister and also created a rank for the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament.[14] Throughout Scotland, the First Minister outranks all others except the Royal Family, Lord Lieutenants, the Sheriff Principal, the Lord Chancellor, the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland (the Rev G Russell Barr from May 2016), the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Commonwealth Prime Ministers (whilst in the United Kingdom), the Speaker of the House of Commons and the Lord Speaker.’
    Clearly she is NOT on the same level as fluffy Mundell.

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  4. I haven’t seen any document from No. 10 confirming this. As only the Daily Fail as reported it coming from a Ministerial source
    Nothing from Bute house confirming this idiotic nosence


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