Don’t Let the ‘Union’ Destroy Wings…

It’s nearing the end of the week and I had planned to not write another blog post until next week but given the issues between Common Space, Wings Over Scotland, Kezia Dugdale and others I felt that it was only right to write my opinion on it all.

I’m sure you all know what the issues are so I am not going to rewrite all the quotes and positions that have been taken recently, however, for those of you that don’t know what’s going on, head on over to Wings Over Scotland and Common Space to find out.

I read Wee Ginger Dugs post on it all and i found it enlightening.

When I initially read the Wings Over Scotland remark, I will admit it did take me aback initially, however, I must digress that when I read Wee Ginger Dugs article, I saw what the remark actually may have meant.

I discussed this with my wife, as I often do.  She provides a sort of balance to my views.  I was very surprised at her remarks.

She was genuinely horrified, and even though she read Wee Ginger Dugs response to it, she was not convinced.

She could not for the life of her see the other side of the potential argument as to what Stu and Wings Over Scotland was possibly implying.

Anyway, my point here is this…

I can completely see why people have taken offense to the remark, but people need to take a tiny step back and open up to the possibility that it wasn’t maybe meant the way it was written.

As an amateur writer, I often find it difficult to convey what I mean in words, as words do not carry emotion.

What people write is not always what they might mean.

People should remember this and understand that people tweet, blog, text, write and email words but a big part of the meaning is missing.

For all that Wings Over Scotland has and continues to do for the Scottish Independence cause, people should really shrug it off as either a mistake, a judgemental error or see it for what it was – either way…let it go!

No disrespect to Wings Over Scotland but it is not the Independence movement, it is a link in a country sized chain that provides support to the movement.  The whole chain must be looked after or it risks breaking.

Wings Over Scotland has my full support and should have yours too as it does a tremendous job in balancing the equation over an Independent Scotland from the constant barrage of unionist media rhetoric.

Please also bear in mind when you bash it that you are doing EXACTLY what the union wants you to do.  Fracturing and targeting such a prominent Independence blog is a step to dismantling the Independence movement…don’t let it happen!

9 thoughts on “Don’t Let the ‘Union’ Destroy Wings…

  1. The Wings comment about Oliver Mundell (it wasn’t about David Mundell) was crass, and ill judged and if Kezia Dugdale had accused Stuart Campbell of crass ill judgement nobody could disagree. However she went one step further and accused him of being a homophobe. Were he to do or say nothing about it that would imply that he accepted the accusation.

    If people make accusations about other people they should be prepared to stand up in court and defend them.

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  2. I read the comment in question and found it it in very bad taste. Funny with a kernel of truth about it, but in very bad taste. Is it homophobic? No. It’s quite relaxed about the whole gay thing, prizing honesty as it does. It may well be Mundell-ophobic, father & son, but then, who isn’t?

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  3. I found the comment humorous and inoffensive. It was addressed at younger Mundell’s oratory skills, or lack of them, rather than elder Mundell’s sexuality. I didn’t find the comment homophobic and, although not the best person to make a judgement, I am happy to accept WGD’s view. Was Dugdale’s response intended to convey her real disgust, or was it merely another attempt to discredit one of the most effective pro-independence voices. I tend toward the latter view.

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  4. “She could not for the life of her see the other side of the potential argument as to what Stu and Wings Over Scotland was possibly implying.”

    Unless my command of the English language has totally deserted me, the Rev Stu’s tweet was a dig at the lack of oration skills possessed by Oliver Mundell and not a homophobic aspersion cast against his his father. Why your good wife should think otherwise is beyond me, although I do wonder if she knows the difference between the verbs “imply” and “infer”, not that it matters, as the Rev Stu neither implied nor inferred anything. He merely made a straightforward joke at Oliver Mundell’s expense.

    The Rev Stu is very much a “Marmite” character, so whilst I at least, was unsurprised at the response to his tweet, I do wonder whereabouts the likes of Harvie, Haggerty & company place Scottish Independence in relation to the furtherance of their own careers.

    It is a matter of regret that all these wee left wing political parties, including the Greens, seem to think they are advancing the cause of Scotland independence by picking fights with what I’d say is one of the best assets we have – Wings over Scotland. They are not. Let us achieve independence then let these parties stand for election in an independent Scotland and we’ll see how well they do. At the moment, all they do is split the SNP vote. The Unionists must love them… Incidentally people should differentiate between the tweets of the Rev Stu and his Wings over Scotland web-site. For checkable information on the benefits of Scottish independence, there is no better site. There are many other pro-independence sites, but all they tend to offer are opinions, but Wings gives you facts. I suspect that the Rev Campbell writes what most SNP members think, but haven’t the courage to state.

    “As an amateur writer, I often find it difficult to convey what I mean in words, as words do not carry emotion.”

    No offence Sir, but may I suggest to you that you expand your vocabulary? Countless authors through the ages have managed to convey the deepest of emotions through their work. You may not have yet reached the heights of English literature, but are you telling me, that in all your life, you never managed to write a single love-letter?

    For the record, I support Wings. If the Scots ever manage to have the wit to vote for independence (not a given looking at their recent voting record), I’ll start a campaign to have the statue of Donald Dewar at the top of Buchan Street, melted down and recast in the image of the Rev Stu.

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    1. Thanks for the reply, although I feel you are being a bit simplistic with the way you are interpreting my post.

      1. Imply means to indicate the truth by suggestion. I’m not wrong in my words.
      2. I stated as an amateur writer. I was being honest as everyone who starts to write is first an amateur. Writing is an art that takes time to learn. Emotion is a difficult thing to convey vocally let alone in written form.

      Thank you again for your input. I agree with pretty much all you say.


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