I Will Always Be Yes!

I have written a few blog posts on the threats posed against the ‘Yes’ movement these past couple of weeks, particularly ‘Scotland – Get off your Knees’, ‘The End-Game Starts – Buckle Up Scotland’ and ‘Yes – Impregnable, Imploding or Infiltrated – You Decide’.

These blog posts were, in principle, to be shared in an attempt to help people who might not be aware, or rather, not see a potential unfolding plan against the ‘Yes’ movement.  They were also written in an attempt to help sway some ‘soft Yes’ people back to the independence movement.

I use the term ‘soft yes’ reluctantly.  Not because I don’t believe there are such people but because I am not one of them…and no amount of anything will EVER change that.

You see, I will ALWAYS be Yes.  No matter what happens, no matter what party is in power or what ills befall Scotland…I will always strive for Scottish Independence.

Oil could dry up, whisky could be gone, tourists could stop coming and the Tories could be in power for the next 50 years and I would still vote Yes.

I am as ‘Yes’ as they come.


This isn’t blind nationalism or whatever you might think.  This is part of me as a person.  It cannot be changed, not by me, not by anyone.  In fact, every little unionist tweet, or media article against it just makes that ‘Yes’ assertion even stronger.

I have had the pleasure of being able to travel to some of the darkest and poorest countries in the world.  I have seen what it’s like in these places, when they have nothing, but they still believe in their country.  They do this out of hope for a better place – they do it out of wanting change, none of them ever ask for foreign intervention.

Scotland is a highly educated and a resource rich country.  Geopolitically it is placed well.

Post-independence, Scotland will never be like these other poor countries.  Scotland will never be like poorer European countries.  Scotland will never be like the rUK.

My ‘Yes’ vote is a translation of that hope and change.  We share commonality with countries that are independent but rich and independent but poor – both of these types of countries want what’s best for their country.  As a ‘Yes’ voter I want this too.

Whether I drive on our roads, eat in our restaurants, visit our national monuments, breathe in our air or play with my children in the park…I am embracing all that makes this country ‘Scotland’.

Scotland is me, it’s you and it’s our neighbours.  It is the ‘No’ voters, it’s the Europeans, it’s the Doctors and Firefighters.  It’s all of us collectively wanting to make a determination to exercise the right to say…‘this is our country, this is where I want it to be and this is who I think should make those choices’.

No voters also want this.  They just feel that its best someone else tells them how to do it.  We could sit here and argue until the cows come home that this is the wrong mentality, but it will be difficult to change it because they are doing it out of fear and habit.

A unionist will never change me, will a nationalist ever change a unionist?  Its unlikley.  We must allow the union to change a unionist.

I have been a ‘Yes’ since I can remember.  I will continue to be a ‘Yes’.  I suppose you could say I am one of those people referred to in the Declaration of Arbroath.

For as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.

I don’t mean I am one of the 100, but i am one of the 45% who voted for that freedom referred above…not for glory, riches or honours but for Scotlands children and grand-children.

The Declaration of Arbroath was written as a means of legitimising the real threat to Scotland.  It was written as a means of foresight by those who could see that Scotland will always be at the receiving end of mistreatment.

Today it is just as valid as it was in the 1300’s.  The only difference is that we exercise its purpose through votes – and long may that continue no matter what the Tories in Scotland imply.

My vote is Yes.  It will always be Yes.


One thought on “I Will Always Be Yes!

  1. I think of raising children. I have seven. Four have now moved out to be independent. Three still at home. One day they will want independence too and move out. It’s sad and joyous. It’s what we raise our children to do and to be. Independent. It’s what they crave from the time they refuse spoon-feeding and insist on doing it for themselves. It’s messy in the beginning while they get the hang of it. But they do. Then they don’t want you attending to their toilet needs. (Thank god!) And there’s no going back. Once they can do things for themselves they want to do more. It’s the most natural thing in the world. Dependence is the infant stage. Or when, for reasons of health, people cannot be. Independence is the spirit of all who want to grow and do things for themselves. It’s nature. I’m struck by people who say ‘we can’t do it alone’. It reminds me of when the kids don’t want to do the dishes/make their own bed/any chore. They’d rather you did it for them because that’s the hard part of growing up. Taking on responsibility. Taking ownership. I insisted they learned and did their fair share. Until one day they’re ready to move out. Some more ready than others. But they’re all coping and still learning. They wouldn’t move back home although they acknowledge the difficulties of going it alone. The difficulties are outweighed by having freedom and their own space to do things their way. Countries are made up of children growing into that place. Some are more ready than others. Some don’t want to because they like accessing the bank of mum and dad. Or they’re afraid to do so. Not quite ready. But once they do, have a taste of freedom, they won’t look back. I’m waiting and encouraging others to grow into that place, where freedom and independence matter more to them than perceived fears or the need to keep the ties that bind. Not realising that fears can be overcome and the ties remain strong if the relationship is sound.
    My job, as parent and a teacher, is to develop the skills necessary in children to stand on their own two feet and to learn as they go along, finding their way to the place they want to be, questioning everything and seeking the answers.
    Scotland will be independent. For sure. All of its children need to grow. Most natural thing in the world. One day.

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