Whilst ‘Yes’ is Arguing…

So whilst ‘Yes’ is in a state with itself and risking a fracture, the UK Government is well and truly already there.


What surprises me about ‘Yes’ is that it’s not focussing on what it should be.  It should be shouting at every opportunity the continual mess that Brexit has become.

The communities in Aberdeenshire, in particular, should be speaking gravely about the recent announcement by Michael (Aberdonian?) Gove.

Michael Gove was facing accusations yesterday of giving ‘mixed messages’ about the future of British fisheries after he talked positively about the future potential for foreign vessels to fish in UK waters.

Michael Gove is NOT facing accusations of mixed messages, he and his Government are blatant liars.

Andrea Leadsom said that she pledged to ‘dis-apply the key elements’ which are ‘most unpopular’.  The CFP has been extremely unpopular among Scottish fishermen, who are said to have overwhelmingly backed Brexit. Anger has generally been focused on quotas for fishing catches and on other European fleets being given equal access to fishing grounds in Scottish waters.

On the back of this, Nicola Sturgeon said that the UK Government was ‘planning to sell out Scottish Fishing – again’.

And she is right!

In June, Ruth Davidson said…she has made protecting fishermen rights one of her Brexit red lines as she insists Britain must leave the clutches of the hated EU Common Fisheries Policy all together. 

And much of her support would have come from the northeast of Scotland, home to the UK’’s largest fishing fleet.

I know we can all expect Ruth to use her ‘power’ to thwart Theresa May, as she said she would…but I fully expect that she will indeed bend the knee and say ‘Yes Ma’am’.

Aberdeenshire…you have officially been owned!

On top of this fishing issue, the EU have stated that they genuinely believe Brexit may be a trap due to the complete incompetence of the UK Government.

I wonder, will this turn out to be a trap where Brexit is stopped?  Every day it seems more and more likely that a 2nd referendum on Brexit will take place and that people will vote remain.

Pity a second indyref wouldn’t happen sooner in Scotland so we can all say leave…once ‘Yes’ gets its act together of course!


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