The Gloves are Off Scotland – The Wolves are Coming Out to Play!

So Scotland you have allowed the Wolves to come out to play…

This will be interesting to see where this ends up.  I predict 3 possible different scenarios:

  1. Yes comes together, stronger but under a ‘grass roots’ banner
  2. Yes comes together, weaker but under the SIC/SNP and Green banner
  3. Yes splits, weaker under a ‘grass roots’ and SIC/SNP and Green banner


I might be encouraging different opinions between you all on my predictions but I have seen it unfolding this way recently.

I am NOT convinced on the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) at all, I am NOT convinced on what the Greens are doing and I am not, in part, convinced on what the SNP are doing.

For ‘Yes’ to succeed it must be ‘grass roots’ led.  Not SIC or SNP led but by us.

I wanted to write an article on the SIC last week, but I put it off on the back of Twitter in effective meltdown over a split ‘Yes’.

Now David Torrance has come out and spoken about this ‘apparent split and collapse’ but one part caught my attention which is concerning as to how this plays out, he said…

Basically, Yessers have split into two camps: the “radical” Left-wingers who view independence as a means to an end and dislike Wings’ stridency and approach to equality issues, and the “diehards” who view independence as an end in itself and believe platforms like Wings are a vital source of intelligence and propaganda for the Yes movement’.

This is just plain WRONG.  I am a ‘radical left’ who views independence as a means to an end but I like Wings.  I am also a ‘die-hard’ who likes wings.

What he is doing here is trying to push number 3 above.

I also wrote about a slightly similar issue in my ‘Don’t Let the Union Destroy Wings’ article.  The difference is I that I am encouraging people to come together, David is encouraging the split.

Ross Greer also jumped on the band wagon, however, he did so long before the Wings and Common Space issue (26th June 2017). He too appears to be encouraging a number 3 and a split.

Below, you will see a Tweet from Ross encouraging ‘Yes’ voters who in ‘his opinion’ are offensive to be marginalised from the movement.  This is a direct relation to Wings.


But it goes further, he also wants anyone labelled as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ i.e. who thinks out of the box or ‘unpleasant’ person to be off of the ‘Yes’ side i.e. only people he approves of.


Link to Tweets

This is dangerous people.  This is the ‘wolf in sheeps clothing’ I referred too in my previous articles.

Number 3 really is the best course of action to support the Unions cause.  Split the movement, make it easy to marginalise people and then tarnish the whole movement.

Regards the SIC, I will write about that shortly, but I do not have a good feeling about it, too many unanswered questions – some may agree, some may not.

For what it’s worth, I would like to see number 1 unfold.  I want ‘Yes’ to step totally away from the SIC, Greens, SNP and all other political/national narratives.  I want it to be fully grass roots, led by a grass roots group who can raise funds, have a big following and take the lead in arguing the case.

Independence is for the people.

Scotland – it’s time to decide which number you are and which number you want because from now on, number 3 will be pushed and you better be prepared for it…


2 thoughts on “The Gloves are Off Scotland – The Wolves are Coming Out to Play!

  1. Who is to judge who is a conspiracy theorist? I don’t like batshit crazy 9/11 truthers any more than anyone else, or the fruitcakes who think that the ballot papers were tampered with in the 2014 referendum. But I know for a fact that Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was 1500 miles away when the bomb that exploded over Lockerbie was put on the plane. (Because the crime happened at Heathrow in the afternoon, not on Malta in the morning.)

    That makes me a conspiracy theorist in the eyes of Kenny MacAskill, the Crown Office and the Loed Advocate, to name but a few. Of course I’m right. But who decides that? It’s a circle that can’t be squared.

    The term “conspiracy theorist” has become a lazy way to dismiss any point of view you happen not to agree with, without the tedious necessity of actually refuting it by facts, logic and rational argument. It has therefore been rendered useless. I fear we simply have to put up with the 9/11 truthers and the butterfly ballot-tampering fantasists because there’s no practical alternative. Otherwise we either mire ourselves in the swamp of “silencing” people, or spend every waking hour explaining how steel beams behave at extremely high temperatures or the way ballot box sampling works.


  2. The Yoons still don’t get it. They think this is a political infight.

    But it doesn’t matter what you are, Marxist, capitalist, genderist, godist, you don’t have a say in your country unless it gets independence.

    By all means lets fight over how many angels can dance on a pinhead, but it’s probably better to wait until we actually have the pinhead before arranging the dance.

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