Pay Attention ‘Out of Box Thinkers’ – The Greens Hate You!

As you all know there has been a rash of articles from prominent figures ‘within’ the Yes movement who are calling out people who share a deeper desire for independence than those calling out the behaviour.

The problem I have with it is simple – who the hell are they to tell anyone who wants independence that they are not welcome to the debate?

Ross Greer is the perfect example of this type of person. He claims to be for Scotland’s independence yet he actively wants a huge group of people marginalised and ‘called out’.


Called out for what? For thinking differently about the unfolding mantra that has become a voiceless SNP against the UK Government and an over inflated Green party?

It’s such a pity because I would definitely be the type to vote Green in an independent Scotland, but maybe now that I am labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ because I believe that the UK Government could perfectly well attempt to sabotage the Yes campaign and probably have done so, i will now likely not be ‘allowed’ to vote Green in an independent Scotland.

I mean, it’s obvious really. Scotland departing the UK and taking its oil, whisky and taxation with it, whether subsidised or not, would directly affect the taxation levels on the UK balance sheet – further declining its world status. This is a threat to the national interest of the UK. To think Whitehall or others are not vested in this is simply beyond ignorance.

Ross, if you think I am a conspiracy theorist and that I have no place in the Yes camp – I have one message for you…Go take the fight to the UK establishment and not the people of Scotland!

The article linked above is genuinely one that people need to pay attention too. Read it between the lines and you will come to the same conclusion as me – Everyone who thinks differently to Ross, must be cast aside.

The language in the article includes words describing Yes voters such as, cult-like, zoomers, lunatics, fringe, bigots, bullies and keyboard warriors. Ross then talks about how if it wasn’t for him meeting more ‘actual’ people on the street than anyone else in the whole Yes movement that we would never have got to 45% because he supposedly met more people than anyone else…

Wings Over Scotland, Wee Ginger Dug and Craig Murray, but to name a few probably got more to swing to the Yes side than the entire Green party will manage to get – EVER!

If it weren’t for these keyboard warriors on social media, or the ‘zoomers’ calling out British media bias, Yes would still be sitting at 28%.

I deplore talk of other Scots in this manner. Reading the article and the way it is written and how it’s directed at the Yes group stinks of Britishness.

Ross wants a hard reset. He openly talks about it in the article, is now not the time Ross?

You sure come across as a ‘soft’ Yes Ross. Maybe it’s time the lunatic fringe of white older men started trying to convince Ross to vote Yes at the next referendum as it sure as hell seems like he would vote No!

I’d like to see this conspiracy theorist, lunatic, keyboard warrior fringe group set up a new movement. A movement that can win and ignore the bile that the Greens are spouting just now.

Wings Over Scotland, Craig Murray, Wee Ginger Dug and the other groups of prominent independence bloggers, who capture more of the Scottish electorate than probably our national government does regards independence should band together and work as a group to take this apparent ‘independence birth right’ that the Greens, SIC and Common Space feel they have away.

I do not like the people of Scotland being spoken to like this from within the Yes movement and it stinks of ulterior motives – it stinks of splitting it up. Divide and rule UK style!

I am trying to warn you here that this is not right. This needs to be halted before it’s too late!

If it’s not stopped, we will look back at this moment and wish we had done it differently, just like we did after the last referendum!


One thought on “Pay Attention ‘Out of Box Thinkers’ – The Greens Hate You!

  1. Surely just good old Divide ‘n’ Rule. It may be the oldest trick in the book, but it can still be effective. Best to just ignore the eejots, engaging with them just prolongs the ‘argument’ and makes it look like they have a point that deserves refuting. They don’t, it doesn’t.

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