Scotland is Drowning in Oil – Someone Help, Please?

Oil – what a filthy, unpleasant, burden it is to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Bahrain, Norway etc.

How could these countries continue to drill it and use it to generate finance to support their citizens – How dare they?   It’s filthy, worthless and downright idiotic.

Imagine being one of these countries.  Imagine having to appease the populations of these countries by generating massive amounts of revenue from such a resource that is nothing but a burden and continually dries up every year?


Thank god we in Scotland have none.  I am so grateful that on top of our booming Tourism, Gin, Whisky, Renewable Energy and Services sectors that we don’t have to put up with having the burden that is oil… and if we did happen to have MASSIVE untapped reserves I am so glad we have Westminster there to manage it for us – truly indebted to them!

I wonder how many times it will take me to say it’s a burden before you all start to believe me? Thankfully until the cows come home as many in Scotland know damn fine well that it is indeed the opposite and in fact Scotland is drowning in the stuff, and has been for decades.

After the revelations yet again by Wings Over Scotland on how Scotland has somehow NOT been allocated its true wealth from its oil in 2014 and 2015 to the tune of £15 Billion but some ‘Unknown Region’ has benefitted, I’m surprised people still see oil as a curse and not the fact that it’s the union around Scotlands neck that is the curse.

What a strange coincidence that HMRC withheld the revenue data and that the citizens of ‘Unknownland’ were the beneficiaries.   I wonder if Unknownland’s NHS, Public services, Police and Schools are subject to austerity.  I wonder if Unknownland has an Oil Fund?

The BBC ran a really good ten minute snippet on it last night and Radio Scotland are just non-stop talking about it – I’m sure you all heard it, or have seen it plastered over every major tabloid this morning when you were buying your morning papers – you did didn’t you?

The fact remains that Scotland is swimming in it – and guess what it’s still MEGA profitable as BP and Shell both said this past week.

The striking thing is that when we talk about oil, we are generally talking about North Sea oil, but the gigantic elephant in the room is not North Sea oil, it’s off the NW coast of Scotland.  There is a bonanza of oil there.  Reports are already circulating that Hurricane Energy have potentially found the biggest oil reserve in UK (Scottish) waters in the past 100 years!

I particularly like this quote from Oil and Gas People…

The findings show that the current predictions of extensive untapped reserves of oil and gas could be underestimated by 100%. The West Coast alone could provide oil and gas for at least 100 years with an estimated value of more than £1 trillion.

Let that sink in people.  We have 5.2 million citizens and we could be staring at a MASSIVE oil field, the likes of which have never been seen before in the UK…I know what you’re thinking though, best to stay in the union for the broad shoulder thing…it would be folly to try and make the most of this filthy, dirty burden all by our little selves.

So the lesson I want you to take away from this and share far and wide across all of Scotland is this…

We can continue to stay in this union and allow Westminster to benefit from that dirty, filthy burden that causes so many problems for the countries that have large reserves – particularly when they have oil funds bigger that Scotland’s entire GDP, or we could get off our backsides and use it to further the progressive policies of Scotland, the Scotland we all want to be.

It’s Scotland’s oil, which means it’s your oil – stop allowing it to be robbed from under you nose!

2 thoughts on “Scotland is Drowning in Oil – Someone Help, Please?

  1. We need simple to understand leaflets and posters quoting sources from the world of Oil and Gas to inform voters in Scotland the TRUE wealth of Scotland’s Oil and how much longer it is expected to last. Naturally all sources should be verifiable. Such a ‘campaign’ needs to begin now, gently, building to a climax during the Indy2 campaign.

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