Independence is Gone if Labour Gain!

So I wrote about this a while back in my blog post titled ‘Corbyns Labour is a Very Real Threat to Independence‘.

This blog post is on the same basis, except this time people should really start paying attention to what I am trying to say.

The biggest threat to Independence is not the Tories and their calamitous Brexit, its Labour…or rather Corbyns Labour.


Brexit and the Tories are a godsend for the Independence movement.  With every passing day the policies of the Tories and the complete and utter disregard for the financial interests of the UK (including Scotland) will only slowly serve the purpose of a second independence referendum in due course…and one that could very well be won.

Brexit and Independence are thoroughly intertwined and inseparable.  They are an Establishment Showpiece.

Tell me, if you wanted to stop Independence being fuelled by Brexit, how would you do it?

I know how I would do it.  I would encourage people to vote Labour – or more precisely, Corbyns Labour.

Labour still support leaving the EU (as the will of the people) but are radical enough to ‘steal’ the young.  We have all seen the demographics of those who support independence and we all know how impressionable the young can be.

How many SNP voters out there used to vote Labour?

I did.  I started voting SNP in 2010.  Prior to that I generally voted Labour.  The difference with me is that i will always vote for the party that wants Scottish Independence.  Do we all think the young feel like that?

I have one niece and two nephews who are now of voting age.  Two of them voted in 2015 and in 2017.  Both of whom voted SNP in 2015 and Labour in 2017.

Why do you suspect they shifted back to Labour?

It wasn’t because of independence, it was because they genuinely believe Labour are more capable than the SNP.  Both of them told me this.

What does this Corbyn effect have on the young, and some ex-Labour voters going forward especially when fellow ‘independence’ supporters say its OK?

What it does is allows them the opportunity to exercise their right to vote for Labour due to Corbyn and his ‘anti-establishment’ persona, however, he is not ‘anti-establishment’, he is the peak of the leftist elite that has found room to manoeuvre amongst the young in Scotland and across the UK.

The independence movement could very well find itself tackling two fronts to achieve independence, one from the aged Tory voters and one from the young Labour voters.

Kezia Dugdale recently published an article on how she is now ready to become First Minister (be prepared for more Labour related media posts in the Scottish media) and Lesley Riddochs Scotsman article tells us that:

“The improved prospects of a Labour victory at the next general election may seem tasty enough to keep left-leaning Scots within the Union camp. But some Corbyn supporters see no contradiction in backing independence too. According to Cat Boyd; “If one day soon Scotland is negotiating its independence, I know who I’d prefer on the other side of the table. That’s why, I’m standing in the middle of two-way traffic, as a pro-independence Corbyn supporter.”

What I suspect she and others don’t realise is that Independence supporters voting Labour and making it known that both are fully compatible is most definitely NOT the way to achieve independence.

Scottish Labour and UK Labour both oppose it.

If people keep talking about voting Labour as a means to enable Independence, what we may very well find is Labour gaining more seats in the Scottish Parliament, the SNP losing too many seats and then Independence taken off of the table.

It’s high time people like Lesley Riddoch and other Independence supporters stopped trying to achieve this, whether aware of it or not.  They cannot be blind too it.  This will only end in Independence being shelved, possibly for a VERY long time.

So now people must start questioning whether its right for the SIC to be spear heading Independence when the SIC is (in the main) run by Elaine C Smth, Lesley Riddoch and Robin McAlpine – all of whom are either previous Labour voters, current Labour voters or who all at some point or another seem to be ‘directly or indirectly’ talking about Labour being an acceptable mechanism for Independence.

I’m not so sure that the SIC should be playing any major part in all this at all.

I’m not so sure people who are inclined to vote Labour to gain independence are aware of what they are likely enabling should too many young or ex-labour voters shift away from the SNP! I suspect the leftist elite know what they are enabling though!

2 thoughts on “Independence is Gone if Labour Gain!

  1. There was some discussion of this over on WGD just the other day. Voting Labour won’t work because UK Labour needs Scottish (and Welsh) votes to ever have much chance of gaining a majority at Westminster. So the will obviously *never* genuinely back Indy, unless or until the Labour vote outwith England falls to near zero, until they have nothing to lose that is. Surely this is hardly rocket science? C’mon kids, think it through, please!

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