Come On Pull Your Socks Up SNP Voters!

So the two recent council by-elections in both Glasgow and North Lanarkshire wards may be a surprise to some SNP voters.

To me, it’s not much of a surprise that Labour held one of the seats and that they gained the other from the Tories.

However, what does bother me is that the BUSP managed to garnish almost 25% of the vote in North Lanarkshire.

The Cardonald by-election was called due to the sad passing of Alistair Watson, however, the Fortissant by-election was called after the Tory councillor, Sandy Thornton, refused to take up his seat after gaining the last proportional place in the ward.

The BUSP or A Better Britain – Unionist Party, managed 23.3% of the vote.  That’s a huge poll, and something that truly concerns me.

The results in terms of votes between May 2017 and September 2017 for Fortissant were as below:

Party May 2017 September 2017 Change % Change
Labour 1840 1,420 -420 -22%
SNP 1465 761 -704 -48%
BUSP NA 858 +858 NA
Conservative 670 424 -246 -37%
Independent 509 184 -325 -64%
Greens NA 24 +24 NA
UKIP NA 18 +18 NA
NRMUPB 559 NA -559 NA
Total 5,043 3689 -1,354 -27%
est. Turn Out % 42.6% 31.1% NA – 11.5%

The SNP did lose some of their vote share but the whole vote was down by 1,354 votes or 27%. The turnout for September 2017 was also down approximately 12% compared with May 2017.  This is based on this electorate forecast.

Are SNP voters truly leaving the SNP for ‘Corbyns Labour’ or are they just being apathetic towards voting SNP?

Either way, something needs to change.  The SNP need to encourage a better turnout, and they need to encourage people to take the time out to vote for them.

A drop of 48% within 4 months, even if the whole election turnout was down by 12% is still far too much of a drop.

The conservative drop was 246 and the NRMUPB (No Referendum Maintain Union Pr Brexit) party did not stand again so their vote dropped by 559.  It would appear that the 858 gained by the BUSP was a combination of the Tories and the NRMUPB numbers.

If this is accurate it shows that SNP voters just aren’t going out to vote.  Labour voters also didn’t turn out like they did in May 2017.  And where did the independent voters go?

I understand that this is just a by-election, but SNP voters MUST get out there and vote.  It’s very important because every time a unionist party such as the BUSP get a large share of the vote, it sends an unwanted signal to the union that everything is A-OK in Scotland…we all know it is not!

Happy Socks Iris Apfel Unisex Tartan Festival Socks BLU-w

Lets all pull our socks up and start singing off of the same hymn sheet and start pressing the SNP vote in all elections across the country.  You deserve it, Scotland deserves it!

Hopefully Scot Goes Pop can look at these numbers more closely and release something more informative based on turnout percentages V’s dropped votes etc?



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