And so the End of Devolution begins…

A couple of months ago I wrote about the prospect of Brexit being used to dissolve devolution across the UK.

The biggest threat to the rUK (London elite) is not Brexit, it’s the breakup of the UK – it always has been.

Brexit is manageable in the sense that the UK state continues to be one.  This allows a sort of transition that is manageable from leaving the EU to opening up other markets.

Yes the currency has taken a hit and we will all be financially worse off, at least in the short to medium term, but over all its manageable if done right.

Now the other side of this mess is that if the UK ceases to exist, Brexit will be like a bad day instead of a bad year.

The UK pound will plummet.  The legal ramifications, the splitting of assets, the sharing of debt, future trade, division of accounts etc. will be monumental and the uncertainty that London will face could be enough to literally destroy any future rUK financially for decades.

Scotland leaving the UK is not like Canada leaving the Commonwealth.  Scotland is the UK.  The UK is the Commonwealth.

The thing is, Scotland doesn’t want this for the rUK.  Scotland just wants to keep its own money and make its own choices, a sort of ‘Devo-Max’ would have been acceptable to the vast majority of Scots – me included.

The only real way for London to stop the Independence train is to literally strip devolution away to nothing.  Northern Ireland has had direct rule for a number of months and its functioning.  This will be the mantra pushed forward by the Unionist media – watch this space.

I know it’s a hard pill to swallow no matter how you voted in Indyref1 but its what must happen in their eyes to stop Scotland being free to be on its own and to save the UK from a huge calamity.

The elite know it, London knows it and likely most unionists know it.


This is why you are seeing this push from London to take powers back post Brexit and why you are now seeing the media push the angle of ‘is Devolution a failed experiment?’

They want you to believe it is a failed experiment so that London rule can be unquestioned.

The burning question now is what will the Scottish Parliament do about it?

Will they allow London to strip it to nothing and then push for Indyref2 when it becomes apparent as to what is going on? Or will they step up their game and call Indyref2 before we lose the protection of the EU courts?

People need to take stock of this unfolding situation and be aware that what is likely to happen could see Indyref2 postponed indefinitely.  The SNP and Nicola MUST step up and call a date for Indyref2.

The Union will try its upmost to survive and they will pull out all the stops to achieve it because the consequences of it not surviving could directly affect 85% of the UK population on a scale that make Brexit seem like a walk in the park.


Scotland must retain its Devolution, Brexit must not affect devolved powers and Scotland must hold Indyref2 prior to the finalising of Article 50.

We must embrace it now, if we don’t, it will be gone.

Don’t make the same mistakes again Scotland!


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