The BBC At It Again!

The German election is over and the results are as follows:

Party Percentage of Votes
SPD 20.5%
AfD 12.6%
FDP 10.7%
Left 9.2%
Greens 8.9%

Now normally I wouldn’t relate votes in another country to Scotland, but this one is worthy of it because of how it’s viewed in the sub-conscious of voters here in Scotland and the UK to the tune that ‘Scots Nationalists’ are the same as ‘Right Wing Nationalists’.

The BBC headline on their website is

German election: Merkel wins fourth term, AfD nationalists rise.

Let’s relate it to the UK and Scotland and replace some words to see if the headline would be out of place in the UK.

UK election: Cameron wins second term, SNP nationalists rise.

Nope, not out of place.  It may seem subtle but let’s look deeper.

The AfD are the German equivalent of Nigel Farage’s UKIP party or Marie Le Pens Front National in France.

The SNP are left wing, possibly centre-left and progressive.  The AfD are right-wing and anti-EU.

Let’s compare some policies between the SNP and the AfD to see if we can somehow show similarities between ‘nationalists’ in Scotland and in Germany.

Party Policy
AfD Anti-EU
AfD Against immigration
SNP Pro-immigration
AfD Against free movement
SNP Pro-free movement
AfD Shoot immigrants seeking country illegally
SNP Pro-free movement and tolerant
AfD Anti-Muslim
SNP Pro all faiths

Now when the BBC run a headline using the word nationalist as a way of showing how the right-wing (UKIP aligned) party has gained votes in Germany, what they are doing is trying to get people in the UK to see how it somehow relates to the only party in the UK termed ‘nationalists’ in the mainstream – The SNP.

This headline, ignoring the article and its content, as many people do, is designed to specifically get you to think the SNP and Scottish independence supporters are somehow similar to the AfD, or UKIP in the UK.

This is dangerous journalism and it should not be allowed.


The SNP, their policies and Scottish independence supporters are as far from the right as you literally could be.

I am glad that 87% of Germans rejected the far-right.

Why are Brexiteers and UKIP voters not called British nationalists? Why are union supporters not called nationalists? Why is nationalism only reserved for the SNP and the extreme right wing in another country?

I am struggling to justify to myself why I don’t just cancel my TV License and argue the case for not paying it again.  The BBC are as impartial in shaping public political opinion as the Big Red Brexit Bus was to Voting Leave.

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