Conservatism and it’s Dangerous Competency

It really grates on me when I see SNP and pro-independence people using the words ‘incompetence’ and ‘Tory’ in the same sentence.

It is high time people who want shot of this union start to realise that the Tories are NOT incompetent, they are purposeful and very competent.

The competency that they bring to the fore of UK politics delivers the impact and effect that they want it too.

There is no justification in excusing them by saying, this incompetent government, or that incompetent Tory MP.  They are not incompetent.


If they were incompetent do you honestly think for one second that people would actually endorse them?

Think about it deeply and thoroughly.

Would you buy a house if it was a butcher dealing with the missives?

Would you get on a plane if it was flown by a train driver?

I’m not explicitly saying that a butcher does not have the understanding to deliver sound legal advice and conclude missives or that some train drivers cannot indeed fly a plane, what I am saying though is that neither of them are competent to do those things.

People get confused with the word competence.  I work in a high risk industry that has competence at its heart.  I know much about it and in a high risk industry, competency is important in reducing risk.

The Tories are competent to the point that the risk laden path they are taking the country down is justifiable because ‘the people want it’.  They know damn fine well what it will do, hence the demand to release the ‘impact papers’, but they aren’t doing it…why?

Why are they not releasing the papers? It sure as hell isn’t incompetence that’s keeping the papers out of the public’s eye, it’s because they are exceedingly competent at keeping them hidden.

If they release them, ‘what people want’ might change and the perceived incompetency becomes blatant lies, distortions and downright financially dangerous for the people of the whole UK.

The Tories, for generations, have been able to gain and hold power playing on the fears and concerns of the most vulnerable in society.  They are masters of deceit, they have and will forever use that angle because that’s what conservatism is.  It is a political party and philosophy that favours tradition.  Brexit is tradition.

Brexit is ‘Great’, its ‘Blue, Red and White’, it’s Victorian, it’s Britannia ruling the waves and its Empire 2.0

The Tories are not playing this game from a stand point of stupidity and lack of understanding, they are playing it from a stand point of ‘how long can we do this before people realise what we are doing’.

The sooner these nations of the UK realise that Tory incompetence is in fact ‘Dangerous Competence’, the sooner the nations of the UK can come together to try and form a strategy that respects Brexit and favours the economic and moral wellbeing of its people and the Europeans that live here.



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