Now is the Time, Now is the Hour!

As expected by many in the Yes camp, discussions have ramped up regards timing of the next independence referendum.  I, along with others want the referendum held in the autumn of 2018, preferably August or September.  There are a number of reasons why I personally feel this is the right time, but it comes down to one simple truth…

If we can’t win a second referendum now in the face of the worst Tory Government in history and lack of opposition, the lies about Salisbury, the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Brexit, we will NEVER win it.


If the decision is to hold off until March 2019 or there about, we run a HUGE risk of not being able to call a second referendum.

If we hold off until the ‘optimal time’ as Pete Wishart seems to think we should, we run the HUGE risk of not being able to call a second referendum.

The current situation within the UK is literally at breaking point.  Scotland is divided, there is no question about that but people forget one simple truth.  We started on 25% and it climbed to 45%, now we start on 45% and we have EU nationals who will likely back independence, we also have a new generation of 16 and 17 year olds.

There are of course people who were Yes who may now be No, but that is also the case in reverse.

Waiting to hold a referendum for an imaginable ‘optimum time’, whatever that means is foolhardy because how can that ‘optimal time’ be gauged?  Is that ‘optimal time’ when:

The UK Government employs companies like Cambridge Analytica to subvert democracy?

Or perhaps it’s when it recklessly pursues the hardest of Brexit’s against the will of the Scottish people, severely damaging the economy of Scotland?

Or perhaps it’s when it blames a foreign government of an attack and expels their diplomats without evidence, the evidence released is contrary to their initial statements?

Or perhaps it’s when it tries to take power away from the Scottish Parliament without its consent?

It seems like to me the only thing left in this ‘optimal time’ fiasco is when there is no Holyrood left…what then?  How do we demand a second referendum then?  How do we gain support without an SNP or a Yes movement with elected officials to legally document a second referendum?

This is a gamble and one that will not pay off.

The SNP have a mandate.  They must use that mandate or risk alienating themselves from 45% of Scotland.  I didn’t vote SNP for them to ignore the mandate.  I voted for them to hold another referendum if there was a material change in circumstance.  All four points above could be that material change in circumstance, but especially Brexit.

It’s about time people that want independence started demanding it.  Only when we demand it will the officials, including the First Minister act on it.  She needs the public to become vocal, she needs to hear their voice.

I have complete faith in the people of Scotland and the Europeans living here to get us well above the 50% mark.  I have every faith in the people of Scotland embracing change and becoming a beacon for hope in an otherwise dark world.

We have to want it.  We have to shout it…if we don’t, we will lose it.

If we shout it and want it, it will be delivered.  The next Yes campaign will be fabulous and inspiring.  It will be contagious because it will ignite a hope that we remain European and inclusive.  It will rile the media and UK establishment far worse than before, but Scotland has always united in a single voice, and Brexit is the catalyst to do that.

Now is the time, now is the hour!


2 thoughts on “Now is the Time, Now is the Hour!

  1. I like your post and mostly agree, but think that we should be campaigning in the Yes Movement now, as most of us are doing, irrespective of what the SNP say or do. Remember one of the requirements indicated by Nicola was 60% in the polls. If we’re not near that when a referendum is called, the Brit Nats will focus on that. Just like they did with their ‘No Referendum’ ploy ably assisted with the MSM.

    There is a stirring happening across the Country but I personally think it needs to build faster and without the need of the starting gun being fired from an SNP high command. Let the SNP Government get on with the day job and when its obvious the Country is mobilised for Yes, the referendum will be automatically called.

    Lots happening in Aberdeen just now but we just have to get our strategies together and get moving. I hope we are ready in September for a major push and if it’s not 60% or thereby, then keep on doing what we’re doing until it is.

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  2. […] Stepping away from the Russia/Chemical issue for a second, Pete Wishart, long standing MP for the SNP and staunch independence supporter tweeted recently that he believes the next independence referendum should be held at the ‘optimal time’.  When quizzed on this ‘optimal time’ he couldn’t really say when that was or how that ‘optimal time’ could be ascertained.  I blogged on this a short while ago, titled, Now is the Time, Now is the Hour. […]


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