The SNP – Toeing the Westminster Line…Why?

Some of you may not like what I am going to write but I need to write it.  I need to get it off my chest and I would like to see people’s comments on it.

In March 2017, there was a suspected Chemical Attack on the streets of Salisbury.  One ex-Russian spy and his daughter were targeted.  The official line, within 2 days by the FCO was that it was Russia, and only Russia.  It took the OPCW two weeks to come to assess the chemical agent, the UK took 2 days.

Within a matter of hours of the Prime Ministers comments, and after a meeting with the Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon tweeted the below (my response included).


Fast forward a couple more weeks and we are faced with yet another Chemical Weapons attack, this time in Douma, Syria.  Again, Russia is implicated along with Assad.

Before military action could be debated and before the OPCW inspectors could get to the suspected Chemical Weapons sites, the UK, USA and France bombed them.

This is on top of the fact that the POTUS tweeted a couple of days prior that the US Military was pulling out of Syria and that Assad was winning against the rebels – yet Assad did this to his own people, forcing the US and the West to remain, and ramp up their military involvement?

Since then, Ian Blackford, Leader of the SNP in Westminster has been vocal on implicating Assad and Putin without conclusive proof of an actual Chlorine Gas attack.  Yesterday, Ian tweeted the following:


To complicate the matter, Robert Fisk (Foreign Correspondent with the UK Independent. He has been a ME correspondent since 1976. Robert was the first journalist on the scene and the first to talk to doctors at the hospital that treated these civilians.  He had this to say:


Stepping away from the Russia/Chemical issue for a second, Pete Wishart, long standing MP for the SNP and staunch independence supporter tweeted recently that he believes the next independence referendum should be held at the ‘optimal time’.  When quizzed on this ‘optimal time’ he couldn’t really say when that was or how that ‘optimal time’ could be ascertained.  I blogged on this a short while ago, titled, Now is the Time, Now is the Hour.

It appears that there is a movement within the SNP, or at least some form of agenda which is creating division.  The Grassroots, the core SNP vote, in the main does not believe Russia was responsible, nor do they believe that the next referendum should take place after March 2019.

I cannot quite conclude why the SNP appear to be sowing seeds of division, are they employing the same tactic or divide and rule? Or are they simply being badly advised?  Or worse yet, are they in a position that they know will demand a referendum and they are trying to stop it…

Whatever the reason for these very poor judgement calls, they run a massive risk of losing many voters next time round, particularly if they allow Brexit to happen against our will and allow Scotland to be drawn yet again into another illegal war, especially when we have a lifeboat in the form of a mandate to call a second referendum.



12 thoughts on “The SNP – Toeing the Westminster Line…Why?

  1. There was a brilliant article/blog/comment explaining that the best and only thing Nicola could sae’s allowed his opiniony at the time about the Salisbury incident was what she did say. I can’t find it – can others?

    On the Syrian bombing – Ian’s tweet does not blame Russia. It does agree there was a chemical attack. We don’t know yet. Hopefully we will soon.

    The SNP has been pushing the UK on the bombing. Ian said in an interview he would have voted against if they’d been given a chance.

    Pete – ???? He’s allowed his opinion. DOesn’t change my mind or my opinion of him.

    Let’s not blow this outa proportion. Indyref will be announced this fall as planned. I have no doubt.

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      1. Shamed faces all around. I wouldn’t push for resignations as I’m sure even the nasty Tory gov won’t resign. I don’t know what else. You?


      2. Fisk’s full report is online somewhere, read it earlier. He says a combination of shelling and high winds resulted in kids suffering from smoke/dust inhalation in the tunnels where most of the population are sheltering these days. He talked to the head medic who spoke good English. No evidence of chemical weapons being used.

        Nicola made clear that here initial condemnation was on the basis of information supplied by HMG. If that is subsequently proved false, as indeed now seems to be the case, it only hands the SNP a further stick to beat the WM government with, not to mention winning over more people in Scotland.


      3. Yes, I read Fisk’s report, which sounds very credible. Hard to know what to believe. Good point about the criteria voiced by Nicola – I hadn’t picked up on how slick that was!

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    1. I saw that blog/article, too, and like you, I can’t remember who wrote it, although it might have been Peter A Bell. I was annoyed with the FM for her tweet but that article made me see it in a different light. Something along the lines of the FM couldn’t win whatever she said and having to play politics, which is, I suppose, what Ian is doing.

      Pete is in his own wee world. . .

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