The Hidden Hand Controlling Devolution!

Yesterday I blogged about whether or not there were Wrongful Political Parties in Scotland.  Upon sharing that blog post on Twitter, I was pleased with the number of people who responded too it and shared it – so thank you!

I have thought more on it, and I decided to send an email to the Electoral Commission requesting further information on how the three main Unionist Parties are not in contradiction with the Political Parties and Referendums Act 2000.  I am awaiting a reply.  Below (at the end of the blog) is the email I sent to them.

On top of this, I was thinking about how that truly affects our Devolution settlement, even without powers being taken away or the Continuity Bill being at the Supreme Court.

Firstly it’s worth mentioning that as it stands today, the three main Unionist parties can stand candidates across Scotland, England and Wales (for the sake of complications, I will exclude NI from this discussion).

As it has been ascertained there are no such parties as registered with the Electoral Commission called Scottish Labour, Scottish Lib Dems and Scottish Conservatives, instead they are simply registered Emblems and Descriptions of UK Labour, UK Conservatives and UK Lib Dems, each have their leaders as Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May and Vince Cable, not Richard Leonard, Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie.


Now, when we have elections in Scotland, the ‘Scottish’ parties (that are actually English registered parties) all tout themselves as Scottish.  The electorate (some or many) genuinely believe they are separate entities from the UK parties, which we have ascertained they are not.


That means that in effect, the UK political parties mentioned above, in disguise as Scottish are in fact nominating candidates of their own party to stand in Scottish Elections.

The current parliamentary make-up of available seats across the UK (excluding NI) is as follows:

Scottish Parliament – 129 Seats

Welsh Assembly – 60 Seats

Westminster – 650 Seats

That means, the three main Unionist UK parties (which are the registered parties) are allowed to stand candidates in all 839 seats across the UK.

Scottish registered parties (the SNP and Scottish Greens) are allowed to field candidates and stand in the following seats

Scottish Parliament – 129 Seats

Westminster – 59 Seats

That means, the two registered Scottish parties are only allowed to stand candidates in 188 seats across the UK, versus the main Unionists parties 839 seats.

It is possible that the most SNP/Scottish Greens seats that can ever be achieved in the UK as a whole is 188.  It is also possible that the most seats the three main Unionist parties can ever achieve in the UK as a whole is ALL 839 OF THEM.

In percentage terms that means the Scottish registered political parties can get:

100% of Scottish Seats

0% of Welsh Seats

9% of Westminster Seats and,

22% of UK Seats

It also means that English registered political parties can, in percentage terms achieve the following:

100% of Scottish Seats

100% of Welsh Seats

100% of Westminster Seats and,

100% of UK Seats

Seems fair doesn’t it?

This is the Hidden Hand controlling Devolution.  It’s immoral, its wrong and its playing into the hands of people who are either unwilling to see it or are just not looking.  The media and the Electoral Commission for that matter, do not see it as a problem, nor do they see it as an issue.

I do, don’t you?




2 thoughts on “The Hidden Hand Controlling Devolution!

  1. Yes I do, and to exacerbate matters, much the same applies to so-called “Scottish” media. Without the means to explain these inequities to the mass of the public, we are fighting with two hands tied behind our backs. A lot of people may now use social media, but what percentage uses it to engage with constitutional politics? I hate to think!

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