The Scotland Office is now the UK Government in Scotland!

So that’s it folks, its official, the Scotland Office is no more.

The Scotland Office is now the UK Government in Scotland.

This is only one of two things:

  1. It’s the UK Government preparing for an independent Scotland, or
  2. It’s the UK Government preparing to take over the role of the Scottish Government.

There are NO other alternatives to why they would rebrand it.


A few months ago, you will recall that the media ran a story where it was ‘explained’ to the masses that David Mundell was at the same level as the First Minister and that if the First Minister wanted a meeting with the Prime Minister, she should go to David Mundell instead.  Of course, that’s in the eyes of the UK Government and not the Scottish people, but what does it matter what Scottish people think?

David Mundell as Secretary of State for the UK in Scotland, as set out in the Scotland Act 1998 does, however, hold a fair whack of power, for instance, if the Scottish Government wants to borrow money up to a maximum of £1.5Billion, they must get approval from David Mundell.  Mr Mundell can also change the terms in what money is borrowed for.

Is it possible that the UK Government have conceded that Scotland will become independent and they are recruiting 2,000+ civil servants in Edinburgh and rebranding to the UK Government in preparation – NO CHANCE!

Is it possible that the UK Government have identified the best means to strip powers from the Devolved Governments (Brexit) and are using the ‘national interest’ to gain support across 85% of the population of the UK, in England.  Could this be why they are recruiting 2,000+ civil servants to work out of their new UK Government, in Scotland building? – YOU BET!

I know I stress it often, and I’ll stress it here again today, Brexit is the means to remove the independence drive of the SNP.  Not in spirit or desire of Scots but in legal terms.  If there is no First Minister in place with a pro-independence majority in Holyrood, there will be NO second referendum.

The UK Government knows full well that from here on out, the SNP will command the lion’s share of the vote in Scotland, and as time passes by, independence support grows.  From a UK Government perspective, it has to be stopped.  Stripping power at Holyrood is the first step in that process. Next it’s removing the First Ministers power and installing David Mundell, or his next in line, as the effective First Minister, or Secretary of State for the UK in Scotland.

I know many of you will read this and say that it’s rubbish, or there is no way the people of Scotland will stand for it…and I get that, but the Prime Minister didn’t meet Rajoy a couple of days after the Catalonia Referendum for nothing.  They didn’t chat about Catalonia and Spain…they spoke about Scotland and the UK.

It has always been a concern to me that the UK Government will pull out dirty tricks as Indyref2 gets closer because Better Together 2.0 and the Vow 2.0 won’t work this time, and it seems like my fear is coming true.

This ‘rebrand’ doesn’t seem like the actions of a Government that expects Scotland to hold a referendum again, this seems like the actions of a Government who know they are losing their grip and are trying to implement damage control.

The Chess pieces are moving, but don’t expect to hear about it through the media.  It’ll be done quietly and covertly whilst you are being distracted by the current incompetence of the UK Government – Or are they incompetent at all?



18 thoughts on “The Scotland Office is now the UK Government in Scotland!

  1. It would certainly be best to fear the worst in what is starting to feel like an increasingly ‘hostile environment’, to coin a phrase.
    I appreciate that the Scottish Government undoubtedly know things we don’t know, and hopefully have a plan and their timing for IndyRefII all figured out. But the rest of us are left growing ever more nervous in this nail-biting scenario. Maybe the wider Indy movement needs to set a deadline for the SNP to act, otherwise a separate campaign will kick off?

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    1. Wouldn’t that suit Westminster, divide and conquer, you need to have more faith in our government and first minister, whose theatre the Tories time and again


      1. On the whole I do trust the Scottish Government, but perhaps they are waiting for ‘the people’ to get things moving? Only when the momentum has built can the government/SNP deal with the technical aspects. There are limits to how much they can control direction and timing. Maybe they realise this? I just hope they’re ready to get on board and seize the reins when the moment arrives.


  2. ‘It’s the UK Government preparing for an independent Scotland, or
    It’s the UK Government preparing to take over the role of the Scottish Government.
    There are NO other alternatives to why they would rebrand it.’

    Evening Mac. I could offer an alternative. Since the election of the SNP in 2007, they have used their position to rebrand various areas of Scottish municipal functions with the word ‘Scotland’ replacing UK or regional titles. Transport Scotland, NHS Scotland, Police Scotland, Scottish Government etc. This has of course been pushed through with little or no consultation and tone deaf to the criticisms of such authoritarian centralisation. This is profoundly political and symtomatic of a political movement who are determined to affect the discourse of the Scottish sense of self and erode any reference to a British/UK sense of identity. They were elected and the movement of Scottish nationalism has undoubtedly advanced in the 21st century, and this is a logical step for a political party at the head of such a movement.

    Conversely, millions voted against independence and those who are comfortable as part of a huge diverse economy with shared institutions of the UK also elect politicians, and actually form a majority of the population. Is it so hard to believe you are witnessing a backlash against the ‘ecossification’ of aspects of their dual identity? This is both understandable and entirely legitimate. Supporters of the union will not sleep walk along a path constructed by Scottish nationalists, they will use the political apparatus to defend their position. This is a far more grounded explanation than some of unhinged shrieks coming from hard core Nats about abolishing Holyrood, and other such hysteria.

    It is worth noting pro union parties had double the number of votes pro indy parties had at the last plebicite, whilst people vote in different elections for different reasons, it would be foolhardy of supporters of independence to blythely ignore the loss of half a million votes, at a juncture where they need to gain half a million votes.


    1. But we are in Scotland so why would they not?

      Scotland is in a political union only Tommy, I cannot stress that enough and you should recognise it.

      Scotland is a country in it’s own right that is stuck in this union where one country exercises complete control over the other and shows blatant disregard for the achievements and objectives of Scotland.

      Nationalism is a response to that disregard. Like I have said many times, I do not dislike England, I dislike Westminster.

      How will you react if Holyrood and Devolution is stripped against the will of the Scottish people? Will you still support the Union?

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      1. The problem is really one of POV. Seen from England, or London at least, Alba is just the bumpy bit up there, ‘Scotlandshire’ isn’t it? Whereas to many Scots it’s a nation, presently one half of a bipartite Union with the rUK. Is the present Holyrood parliament simply a creature of Devolution, same as e.g. the Welsh Assembly, London Assembly etc., or is it in fact simply the old Scots Parliament recalled? (Is there a constitutional lawyer in the house?)
        Meanwhile at the other end of Britain, would you believe …

        Kernow Rydh?

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      2. Morning Mac. I readily acknowledge that Scotland is a nation and is in a union, i genuinely don’t know why you need me to ‘recognise’ this? 🙂 I really think many nationalists misunderstand how most ‘unionists’ approach these issues. ‘Unionism’ is not a position I start from, its one I arrive at, and most No voters I mix with are the same. They see a constellation of political circumstances where by Scotland has a devolved parliament with powers to vary tax rates and pursue different priorities across a whole range of policy areas…..if they wish, whilst remaining an integral part of the 5th largest economy on the planet, a modern diverse economy that offers all manners of safeguards economically and socially. There is nothing treacherous about such a position and it is a matter of some bemusement to me when words like ‘quisling’ or ‘traitor’ are bandied about. It is not for me to select an identity for you, nor is it for you to force an identity upon me, I am comfortable being both Scottish and British, I am deeply ashamed of many aspects of British history, but that is my history an nothing will change it.

        If you think that ‘unionism’ is all about the butchers apron, trident missiles, bombing Iraq, rape clauses, and Tory governments, you really are doing a disservice to many of your fellow Scots. Indeed it is the SNP who are hostile to devolution, they always have been.The SNP were in de-facto coalition with the Tories for an entire parliamentary session, when they pushed through a tax cutting agenda reducing government income in key
        areas, pampering the middle class with a raft of regressive policies (CTF, Prescriptions, HE fees, Bus passes, baby boxes and the rest) and simultaneously claiming to be anti-austerity, a staggeringly effective piece of political smoke and mirrors in all honesty, but unsustainable in even the medium term. It is always revealing to me that any nationalist who cannot see this, and then argues the SNP is of the left, has a somewhat gossamer
        thin understanding of their own cause and the party they support.

        The Tories were effectively boxed out of power in Scotland for a generation, and following the demise of the tepid and timid LAB/Lib Dem coalition, the vacuum was there to be filled and there was only ever one party
        equipped to fill the role of opposition. When Salmond and Sturgeon torpedoed Ed Milliband’s 2015 campaign, and reduced the opposition to a single MP each, the howls of laughter and chinking of champagne
        flutes were the order of the day at Tory Central Office, the Tories always play the long game…..they are peerless globally as a political entity who can continue to reinvent themselves over and over they have done it for centuries…..and the SNP have allowed them back in in Scotland, now the official opposition, in key positions in the legislature profiting from the wonky political compass of a minority nationalist movement who are now
        rudderless in the face of rejuvenated opposition from left and right. There is no way the Tory government in Westminster would risk trying to ‘strip Scotland of Holyrood and Devolution’ that would be a political disaster, just when they are beginning to line up the Brexit ducks. Elements of the Nationalist movement really appear to be believing their own propaganda here.


  3. No, they’re not incompetent. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing and if we don’t escape soon, we’ll be locked in to Greater GB (a la Catalunya in Spain), with a “parliament” at Holyrood with the muscle of county council.

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  4. Paranoid drivel.
    “If there is no First Minister in place with a pro-independence majority in Holyrood, there will be NO second referendum.”
    Why on earth would you want a second referendum if there is no pro independence majority in Holyrood? It would only mean you would lose, and if you are even considering that there will not be a majority, you must realise that support for independence is falling thanks to tho incompetent SNP ScotGov. .


    1. Geacher, i dont normally reply to overtly Unionist tripe but i will on your comment. Normally i can stomach reasoned debate from Unionists i.e. Tommy Aikenhead (above) as at least he presents arguments and debate on a level worth listening too.

      Let me answer your statements:

      1. Why on earth would you want a second referendum if there is no pro independence majority in Holyrood? – Simple really, and one i’m sure you cannot grasp but it really boils down to 3 simple words…Tories, Brexit and Better Together. No other response required.
      2. It would only mean you would lose – Support for Independence is currently at 48% Yes and 52% No. Thats 3% points up on 2014 and the Yes campaign hasnt started yet. We started on 25% in 2012, finished on 45% in 2014. Its well within reach to gain an extra 2%. But thanks for your clairvoyance, but i wont bet on your outcome being correct!
      3. And if you are even considering that there will not be a majority, you must realise that support for independence is falling – Again, its is actually increaseing. Feel free to read my blog post from just acouple of days ago which analysed the IPSOS MORI poll just conducted on this very issue.
      4. Thanks to tho incompetent SNP ScotGov. – Well, this one takes the buscuit, i could link you to many achievements that this incompetent ScotGov have done for the people of Scotland, but i suspect i’d be wasting my time with you anyways, so i wont bother.

      Whether you are pro-union, or pro-independence, it really doesnt bother me. But please, in the future, if you are going to comment please at least try to give reasonable evidence for your opinion. Otherwise, there are plenty of Unionist blogs out there that you can comment on where you will recieve lots of praise for your comments!

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  5. Tommy,

    Regards your last statement above:

    There is no way the Tory government in Westminster would risk trying to ‘strip Scotland of Holyrood and Devolution’ that would be a political disaster, just when they are beginning to line up the Brexit ducks.

    Lets wait and see what happens with the Continuity Bill, UK (Scotland Office) and Devolution – i wont hold my breath!

    I have NO intention of trying to force you to believe anything, it is you who are on my blog at your free will, however, most Union voters are like Indy voters – stuck in their ways. I am always open to healthy debate, from both sides of the debate (see my reply to Geacher), but i will never vote for the Union because i would rather fail at something by my own doing that fail at something by teh doing of others. I have faith in the people of Scotland andin my 3 young children to build a better, fairier Scotland where choices are made by Scots.

    You say you dont start of with Unionism, you arrive at Unionism. Can you explain how that is? From my point of view, you do start with Unionism, its just that you also arrive at Unionism, whereas i start from Unionism and i arrive at independence.

    David Cameron had the opportunity to put this whole issue to bed in 2014 if he had allowed Devo-Max on the ballot paper. he didnt, so the issue goes on and as the younger generations come through, it is a mathematical certainty that independence will come, unless some miracle occurs – which i just cannot see happening!


    1. Thanks for the reply Mac.

      First of all, i was not suggesting ‘you’ in the in particular, but a more general ‘your movement’, who seem to question the patriotism, motives or even the morality of those who oppose indy, there is no basis for such judgements, but i fully accept this is a 2 way street, and such is the depth and severity of this division leaves this nation in no condition to face the likely challenges independence would pose.

      As for ‘arriving’ at unionism…..well you kind of answer that in your own post the constition is the over riding determinate of your vote, for me it is way down my list of priorities. I too have 3 children, and their prospects in education, health, careers, and general ability to thrive come before any percived notion of how ‘Scottish’ the decison making machinery is.

      As for the ‘wait and see’ regarding the continuity bill…..with respect that is not really an argument that weighs up available evidence. 😉 As far as I can see, the position of the Scottish Government appears to be;

      Powers currently held in Brussels to protect the integrity of the EU single market, should under no circumstances be lodged with the UK to protect the integrity of the UK single market… it is intolerable for the UK , but OK for Brussels? Perfidious Albion? This policy is anglophobic and illogical in equal measure. Of the 121 areas all but 24 were to be lodged with the devolved administrations, with the rest to follow, rather than compromise NS has provoked a constitutional crisis, she will lose in the courts and those Scots weary of relentless constitutional bun fighting will be unforgiving at the ballot box next time out.

      Not sure why you think indy is inevitable? A cursory glance at the demographic voting patterns in 2014, shows almost every group voted NO, particularly those of pensionable age…..Scotland will have a steady growth in pensioners over the next while, being a poor pensioner is not an enticing prospect, can’t work, can’t move, play safe.

      Have a good weekend, I suspect you have a full day planned for the family tomorrow, best wishes for you all.


  6. @macalba: thank you for taking the time to respond, I will try to answer your points as best I can.
    1) This surely must be obvious…. if the SNP & The Greens cannot muster enough seats to maintain their majority, it means that their vote has fallen and/or the votes for the other parties have increased. How will you win a referendum when you have less support than you had in 2016?
    2) ” Support for Independence is currently at 48%” No it’s not. The last Times poll from two weeks ago had it at 43%… that 48% comes from a few months ago that asked the if the people if they would rather have “Independence in the EU,” or “Independence out of the EU,” then lumped both totals together.
    3) The record of the SNP run ScotGov? Education? A shambles with over 4,000 LESS teachers than their were when they took over. Damning reports from SSLN (since dissolved by Swinney) and PISA (Swinney had withdrawn from the PISA programme…wonder why?), Police Scotland a shambles, the economic growth the worst in the UK, and one of the worst in the EU.
    And where is Andrew Wilson’s Growth Commission? Why is it now almost 6 months overdue.?
    I’ll read your blog in an hour or so.


  7. @Tommy… 100% agreed. I put a scenario to a Nationalist the other day…. what if the powers were put straight to the devolved assemblies, there would be nothing (for example) to stop the Welsh Government giving huge subsidies to their sheep farmers allowing them to undercut the Scottish sheep farmers and harming their business, or for England to abolish Landing Charges and Landing Fees for their fishing boats… they would be queuing six deep to get into Grimsby and Hull whilst Peterhead and Fraserburgh would be lying empty… my friends response…”Some organisation would have to make a rule that things like that could not happen”


  8. @Macalba: I’ve read your other blog.
    “Now it’s fairly common knowledge that these polls have a margin of error of around 2%, so that means, the Yes/No vote is likely 50-50.”
    Hahahaha…really? It could just as easy be 44-56.
    “Is it possible she might vote Yes at Indyref2 if she knows it’ll guarantee EU membership? ”
    Now that is just darn wrong and not even remotely factual. I could on about deficits and currency and stuff, but after the SNP Catalonia shenanigans and yer *oor Clara,* fiasco, you think that if all other things are equal, (which will be a huge, almost impossible task) that an iScotland will get 100% support from the member countries? Really?


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