And So It Begins…

I’m sure you are all aware of the momentous decision taken yesterday by the Scottish Parliament on their motion to NOT agree to the EU Withdrawal Bill at Westminster and to withhold consent.

The SNP, Labour, Lib Dems and Greens all voted to withhold consent, leaving the Tories isolated and in effect, against Scotland, her people and her elected officials.

The vote passed 93-30 in favour of withholding consent.

One of the major arguments by the SNP is that the conservatives, would in effect, be able to pass legislation affecting many aspects of Scottish life, from Environmental Protection, to Food Standards and Fracking, without requiring consent from the Scottish Government.

This would basically mean a minority Conservative Government in Westminster, propped up by DUP MPs in Northern Ireland would have more say on Scottish legislation and affairs that our own elected parliamentarians. That in itself was always going to be rejected.


I say momentous because I firmly believe that we will look back on this vote as the moment that the break-up of the United Kingdom officially started.

Everything prior to this, including the first independence referendum, Brexit and EVEL will be seen as moments that brought the Union into disrepute, but I do not believe any one of them will actually ever be referred to as the key spark that started the break-up.

The reason I say this is because it is the first time since devolution started in 1999 that Holyrood will be over-ruled without its consent. Now I know that Scotland has been over-ruled on smaller issues, such as Welfare, however, this is the first time that the elected government of Scotland, after holding a vote will have been over-ruled by Westminster, and what’s more telling is that David Mundell, being interviewed yesterday by the BBCs Nick Eardley confirmed, whether intentional or not, that the UK Government always knew it would have to over-rule the Scottish Government at some point in certain things.

I didn’t know that would happen, I doubt Donald Dewer and Labour knew that and I doubt those that voted for a devolved Scottish Government knew that.

Those in support of Westminster having the final say on Brexit, and over-ruling the Scottish Government always say that there was a ‘Sunset Clause’ inserted, and that should be sufficient. The problem is that it’s not. It explicitly states that powers could take up to 7 years to be finally devolved back to the Scottish Government. 7 years is a long time and a lot of damage to Scottish industry can be done in 7 years. No elected Government in their right mind would agree to those terms, particularly after the ‘Vow’.

Do we really trust the Tories to deliver on that? I don’t…neither does Nicola and she sums it up well in her tweet from Yesterday…


I know there are people out there who support the Union but also support devolution, now is the time for those people to understand just what is going on here and to understand that Westminster will do what it wants, and that the Scottish Parliament will be over-ruled.

This will leave people with a simple choice.

Holyrood, or Westminster?

Back Holyrood, or live in the ever-looming dictatorship of the UK where Westminster has effectively imposed Home Rule against Scotland and her wishes and removed the sovereignty of the Scottish people.

If you care about the future of Scotland, her children and your own political voice, you should realise that backing Holyrood is the only way you can be certain of keeping those things in your control.

Backing Yes at the next referendum allows you to keep your Parliament, it allows you to have a vote on whether or not we join the EU and it allows us all to create and manage our own fiscal policies by voting for parties that have Holyrood at its heart, not Westminster. Don’t be fooled into believing that Westminster does not plan on removing devolution because they do. The Tories were the only party who opposed devolution when the vote took place, and now they are opposing the voice of devolution.

Decision time is fast approaching. Think long and hard about it, the next referendum WILL decide the fate of Scotland, her Parliament and her political future.


9 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

  1. as usual your jumped up council at Holyrood is trying to meddle in matters beyone it’s remit, they need to be doing the day job, sorting out the disaster that education, or health care or transport has become under their watch. Why they have their collective tartan drawers in such a twist is beyond comprehension as their stated goal is to hand it all back to the EU anyway


    1. Joanna, as much as I like reading differing opinions on Scotland’s political scene, I feel no amount of any discussion with you would change your ability to stop regurgitating nonsense, propoganda and low level knowledge of what is in fact going on politically in Scotland.

      However, thank you for reading my blog post and thank you for exposing the narrative that so many unionists have regards a Scotland and Westminsters superiority over all things Scottish.

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  2. “now is the time for those people to understand just what is going on here” We know exactly what is happening here, it is Sturgeon continuing her politics of grievance with no thought whatsoever other than appeasing the separatists and pursuing her (“at any cost”) independence agenda with no thought given whatsoever for the majority of scots that want to stay in the union. Russell was happy with the compromise offered last week but he was overruled by our Dear Leader. Quelle surprise. Nothing May could offer would appease this woman, but it will go to the High Court and WM will win, which is exactly what Sturgeon wants as to facilitate the only strategy that she has in her armoury, the one of constant “Westminster baaaad.”
    Still, as with the so called “brexit bounce, ” it will fail miserably as Sturgeon continues her one person government. What was it Sillars said about “oor Nikla” yesterday? She “demonstrates a repeated lack of intellectual rigour.” Got that right, Jim.


  3. But its not an opinion Mike. Its regurgitated rhetoric from Unionist media. You even use the same terms as they do.

    Try looking objectively at what is happening and ask yourself, who do you honestly think are the best people to run Scotland.

    The Scottish people, or the people of the rUK? And whilst you are at it, if you feel its the people of the rUK who should run Scotland, would you object to Scotland running the rUK?

    Now be serious about your reply. Dont come out with random statements that diverge from the question.


  4. No you are quite correct there, it is fact. You want my opinion? This SNPGov are the worst government that Scotland has ever had, and believe me, there is a very low bar been set.
    They do not govern for Scotland, but only for the separatist element. Who best to run the UK? Who best to run Aberdeen? Or Carradale? To say that only Scottish people are best equipped to run Scotland is stupid. I don’t care, as long as they do a good job, and assuredly the SNP are doing a dreadful job.
    And STILL no economic or currency plan… they don’t have one, do they?


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