England Loves Brexit – Not Scotland!

Well would you believe it…a Panelbase poll has found that English people (as an England only poll) would rather ditch Scotland from the Union than Stop Brexit, and what’s more they would rather ditch the Scots more than Gibraltar.

Across the poll, pollsters were more concerned about losing Gibraltar, then Scotland then lastly Northern Ireland.  Wales was excluded as they voted Leave.

Some 35% said losing Scotland would not be worth it.


While 37% said losing Gibraltar would not be a price worth paying for Brexit,


In terms of losing Northern Ireland just 31% said it was not a price worth paying for Brexit.


The poll was commissioned by Wings Over Scotland and some 1,020 people were asked their vews by researchers carrying out the poll.  The smaple included both Remain and Leave voters, young and old, male and female.

The Wings Over Scotland article on the findings said…

“Many will remember bitterly the short-lived ‘lovebombing’ campaign from the indyref, in which a list of semi-celebrities from the rest of the UK was assembled to assure Scots of how much they were valued and cherished by their UK partners.

“Four years on, not so much.

“Because overall, the voters of England – that’s Remainers and Leavers combined – would drop Scotland like a hot potato if it were somehow to be necessary in order to secure Brexit. (And remember, very nearly half of them don’t even WANT Brexit. How much must those guys hate us?) Just a third of English voters don’t think it’d be worth ditching Scotland to get out of the EU.”

He added: “The only thing that our English cousins were almost reluctant (51-49 excluding Don’t Knows) to sacrifice was the part of the UK that’s actually just a tiny rocky outcrop of someone else’s country and has roughly the same population as Dumfries or Irvine or Falkirk. (To be honest we’re kicking ourselves for not asking about the Falkland Islands now.)

“The people of England would, by a comfortable distance, rather hang on to the 34,000 citizens (plus some apes) of Gibraltar than the 7.2 million of Scotland and Northern Ireland, but they’d still quite happily surrender all three just to reduce the number of immigrants coming to the UK and trash the economy.”

Wings Over Scotland Article

Feeling the love Scotland?  Feeling the Unity Unionists?

I think i’ll call my Dad later and ask him if he heard about it as a lead story on Reporting Scotland…


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