Yes2 – Are You Ready?

How do I know? It’s simple. I know because the media is telling me. I know because the actions of the UK Government are telling me, and I know because the actions of the opposition are telling me.

Since 2014’s unsuccessful Yes vote, I’m sure it has always been apparent to the UK Government that the days of SNP votes being labelled ‘protest votes’ and the days of smaller polling numbers of pro-independence parties are gone.

2014 was a moment that 45% of the entire voting nation said in one voice, we are ready to leave the Union, take our place on the world’s stage as a mature, forward-looking nation whilst keeping England, Wales and Norther Ireland as neighbours.  Sadly, the 45% wasn’t enough to enable that, but it gave the UK Government a very big scare.  It gave them a scare to the point that the week leading up to the vote, all three main opposition party leaders marched into Scotland bearing false promises.  The reason they did that was because polling was showing a strong possibility that Scotland may indeed vote to leave the Union. That in itself was enough to frighten the establishment and that in itself should tell you how we will Yes2.


Over the past couple of years, Scotland has faced challenges and continues to do so, caused by other constituent parts of the UK.  Now I am not going to sit here and say England shouldn’t get its Brexit, nor should Wales, but what I will say is that the different choices of England and Scotland should be respected. This is what the Scottish Government are trying to achieve by the only means possible by withholding consent. What other options do they have? We can’t overturn the vote, we can’t somehow manage to get an extra 50,000,000 people to vote in Scotland to match England’s numbers, and we cannot support a second EU Referendum.

You might be wondering why we cannot support a second EU referendum, well that should be obvious.

We didn’t vote for Brexit.

If we had voted for Brexit, we may very well be looking at supporting a second referendum because of the now, on display, financial damage that Brexit is and will cause, but since Scotland didn’t vote for Brexit, we shouldn’t be demanding that second referendum. Scotland must use the tools at its disposal, democratically.

That last paragraph above will have the increased number of Unionists that seem to post comments on my blog of late frantically typing saying, but why would we allow a second independence referendum then? Well, re-read the paragraph above and you will see why, but for clarity, just in case the above paragraph is confusing, I will explain.

In 2012/13/14, Scotland was told many things about what leaving the Union would do, namely (a few):

  • No EU membership
  • Lost jobs on the Clyde
  • Given ‘near federalism’, Devo Max

We now know that since voting No, Scotland has:

  • No EU membership
  • Lost jobs on the Clyde
  • Devolution under threat

These are significant problems facing Scotland but with one missing key point.  We cannot do anything about them. We have no voice in the Union for matters that are reserved, and frankly we dont have enough representation to change anything. It’s like having a step ladder when trying to get over a prison wall. It just isn’t going to happen.

With this, the right to stop and say “hang on a minute”, should be allowed and teh question put ot teh nation again. If the Union is confident of a second No vote, they should embrace it. But, alas, they are not confident, so they come up with excuses to not hold or support it.

If Brexit, to the English people (as leave voters) were to promise namely (a few):

  • Reduced immigrants
  • Amazing Trade Deals
  • Loads of Extra Cash for the NHS

But it turned out that what they actually got was:

  • Increased immigrants from Turkey (as alluded to a few days ago).
  • No Trade Deals, or worse Trade deals
  • No Extra Cash for the NHS

The English people would be well within their right to say “hang on a minute”, and a second referendum should be allowed.

The difference is though that England won’t fully recognise if the above is true or not until they are out of the EU entirely.  Then, maybe in 4 years’ time (just like Scotland’s referendum in 2014 being 4 years ago) they may demand a vote to re-join the EU.  Will Remainers (Scottish Unionists) from 2016 (2014) say No to another refrendum to Brexiteers (Scottish Nationalists) who want a second referendum? I doubt it…

That’s the difference. Scotland voted to stay in something, then got screwed over by the Establishment, England voted to leave something and will be screwed over by the Establishment.  The Establishment didn’t let the people of England, or the UK for that matter decide the fate of their tax dodging businesses.  The notion of the vote being in full control by the people is ridiculous.  This is backed up by the current and ongoing Cambridge Analytica scandal, Leave.EU scandal and possible Russian interference.

I wonder, how would Unionists in Scotland react if in 2014 Scotland voted Yes but it was ascertained that Russia influenced the result, the SNP fraudulently and illegally targeted thousands of voters via illegal data harvesting and over spent their campaign finds by a minimum of 10% but teh SNP bashed on anyways?

Would they sit back and take it? No chance! Could you imagine the Media uproar, just like we have with teh above scandals? Oh wait…….

But to bring you all back to my original point, this is my 94th blog post since I started my blog last July.  My current statistics are 45,238 views, with 32,577 unique visitors across 99 countries.

I’m sharing the above statistics because since the start of April 2018, I have received 19 comments from Unionists.

Between July 2017 and April 2018, I received 2 comments from Unionists.

Over the past 6 weeks, I have seen an 850% increase in Unionist comments, compared to the 39 weeks prior since I started blogging.

This, too me, shows that either:

  1. My blog posts are annoying Unionists
  2. My blog posts are targeted by Unionists
  3. My blog posts are hitting a nerve with Unionists, or
  4. All of the above

I am not the only one who has noticed the increase.  Some people I know have received some quite nasty abuse and threats.

This is the sign that the Union is failing and the Establishment knows it.  They are pulling out the stops and instead of taking the fight directly to the SNP and Scottish Government (they are doing that through the EU Withdrawl Bill), they are targeting the Grassroots.

Yes2 will be grassroots led. It has to be for us to win it.

I’m ready to step up the blogging, others I know are ready to step up the blogging and Yes2 is getting ready to start its campaign to win the next referendum when the UK Government tries to battle its way out of the corner it’s got itself into by forcing its will on the Devolved Governments.

Yes2 – Are you ready?


32 thoughts on “Yes2 – Are You Ready?

  1. ….or 5., your blogs are so widely inaccurate and false that this unionist feels the need to correct you.
    “challenges and continues to do so, caused by other constituent parts of the UK.” so the shambles of Police Scotland and the falling standards in education are down to WM, not ScotGov? That Swinney felt the need to dissolve the SSLN and pull out of the PISA scheme because both reported successive falling in educational standards should tell you something.
    Clyde shipbuilders losing jobs? The yards have full order books right up until 2030…remind me how many frigates would have been built in an iScotland please.
    “The EU? “….financial damage that Brexit is and will cause….” We would have been out the EU for over two years if we had voted Yes in 2014, but somehow that would not have as disastrous to the economy of Scotland THEN as it seems to be NOW. How does that work?
    And if you think that leaving the EU would cause economic hardship, how about the hardship which would be caused by leaving a union which buys almost five times the goods from us than the EU does? Then there’s the matter of the £10billion fiscal transfer….


    1. Mike,

      I dont have time to continually respond to your comments, you say i am inaccurate but you keep spouting out the same rhetoric everytime i blog. You cannot even discuss the message in my blog posts. It is clear that you feel Unionism and Scotland not standing on its own two feet like all other countries is the way to go. I’m pleased for you, but please refrain from commenting on my blog posts if you are going to keep on saying the same thing i.e. failing education, transport, NHS, etc. Try to bring something to the table other than speaking down your own hard working people. Your message is heard loud and lear by all the other Unionists but it doesnt wash with thos eof us who believe Scots can govern themselves, nor does it wash with those of us who are all too aware of how well Scotland is run comapred to the rUK. Heck, even Unionist MPs say so!

      Anyway, thanks, AGAIN, for your comment!

      p.s. i note the similarity in your name to another Unionst commentor on my blog. Are you also ‘geacher’ as well as Mike McGeechy?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Leave him alone, he’s just not worth it — to coin a phrase 😉

        And just calm down a wee bit, it’s the teh ot’s that give it away — LOL! I can understand your position but if they manage to wind you up then they’re winning.

        But they’re just sounding off because it’s clear we’re gaining and they’re in such a mess …
        Well, surely there never was a better time for the Indy Movement to just Go For It!


  2. You ARE inaccurate (your response to Fraser Whyte was, well it showed a huge lack of understanding on the subject matter on your part), so I point out your errors, but instead of actually responding to my points you just fudge and evade, and accuse me of not discussing the message in your blog posts.
    I point out your falsehood re Clyde Shipbuilders but you don’t address that, I point out the SNP irrational stance on the EU, you ignore that, I ask you why leaving the EU = bad, whilst leaving the UK (and the £10b fiscal transfer) = good and you can’t answer that. Education? nary a comment either.
    “those of us who are all too aware of how well Scotland is run comapred to the rUK. ” Do you believe that? Really? We have the lowest economic growth and the largest pc GDP deficit in the EU… in fact our deficit % is more four times that of England and you think we are well run. It is delusion.
    FINALLY your blog is open to the public, so that is why I write. Should you wish me to refrain from contributing, I will do, but I will wonder why….
    ps yes, geacher, but my password is no longer recognised


    1. You sum up the very reason why Scotland needs full fiscal control and policy controls.

      For all your slander and false notions of Scotland’s performance you make the case very well for how this Union has and continues to fail Scotland.

      But, alas, SNP bad glasses mask it all…

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  3. Again you choose not to address my points…”false notions of Scotland’s performance”… oh really? What part of any of my responses is not factual and verifiable? how about using answers instead of soundbites?


  4. @marconatrix “because it’s clear we’re gaining and they’re in such a mess …” One of the things which is a constant surprise to me is the ability of the average separatist to completely ignore reality. The Nationalist movement is not gaining, the loss of 480,000 votes and 21 seats at the last GE will tell you that, or take a look at the polls, they show two things: the desire for indyref 2 is falling, as is the support for the SNP. You may wish that you were gaining, but you ain’t, and that’s a fact.


  5. “Now it’s fairly common knowledge that these polls have a margin of error of around 2%, so that means, the Yes/No vote is likely 50-50.”
    THAT is a huge leap of logic, is it not?


    1. Mike. Did you even read what you sent me? Since January 2018 the average for yes as per the table in you link is 45.25% when you remove the don’t knows. That’s the same as the result 4 years ago.

      So no, you are wrong. It is not dropping. It’s an excellent starting point where all thats needed is 4.75% or around 200,000 extra yes voters.

      Brexit and the power grab should be sufficient.


  6. Erm… the average is 44%, so that is down….not by mush I admit, but you need the graph to go the other way, and it ain’t happening.
    “where all thats needed is 4.75% or around 200,000 extra yes voters.” Sounds easy but it is also not happening.
    Brexit? The loss of 480,000 and 21 seats would suggest otherwise.
    Listen to Jim Sillars.


    1. Jim? Is rather listen to the grassroots. Look Mike, you keep saying support is dropping but clearly it’s not. It’s steady. And the average is 44.25%. 43+46+48+44(÷4)=45.25.

      Jim is not the Indy movement. He was important in the 70s. Not anymore, hence his grudge against yes.


  7. What you are doing is cherry picking stats, but at least we agree that the average over 41 polls has the Yes at 44%.. you are taking the 4 most favourable results to make a false high 45+%…
    regardless which is correct, you are a loooooong way from the 50%+1 that you need…. and just saying that the graph “will go the other way once we actually start campaigning for itW does not make it happen.
    Q: Why do you think you lost 480,000 + 21 seats last year?


    1. I’m not cherry picking. There is a 43 in that and a 44. I am simply looking at since the turn of the year. What does 2016 polls have to do with anything?

      The point is that you say support is dropping, it isn’t as is clear. I say it’s increasing but let’s both agree that it’s exactly the same as 2014 which proves the opposite of what you claim and is a great starting point going forward.


    1. Ok so what do I go on? Result from 2015 or results in 2018? Or how should I just stick with Yes as 48% or 45%? Please explain?

      Whatever the choice, it’s clear that it’s not dropped in 4 years based on 2018 polling. A great place to start and build on.


  8. I’d like to respond to mike’s question about why seats were lost. Seats were lost because people listened to the Conservative message being spread about HOW to vote. I will tell you right now, if First Past The Post was the election method, there would be NO Conservatives (okay maybe one or two) elected and very very few Labour. The election system has been rigged for a while to keep the more progressive parties from actually holding sway. In another election? The people have been educated and they will vote the Tories out.

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  9. @Macalba: “A great place to start and build on.” Mmmm except that in the three and a half years since the referendum, you have built diddly squat on that figure.
    Again: 480,00 votes lost. 21 seats lost.


    1. Mike. If we have gained nothing, neither have you. In 2012, we started on 24%, ended on 45%. In 2018, we start on 45%. We only need 5%. Come on, surely you can see the way it’ll end?


  10. @ Robin…. ” if First Past The Post was the election method, there would be NO Conservatives (okay maybe one or two) elected ”
    Erm, how can I break this to you? The FPTP method is the one we do use….
    @Macalba: And you liked his post? Oh dear… Like I said, your grasp on politics and economics and… erm…simple facts is very VERY tenuous.


  11. Me: “Q: Why do you think you lost 480,000 + 21 seats last year?”
    Robyn: “I’d like to respond to mike’s question about why seats were lost…… if First Past The Post was the election method”
    Someone’s not paying attention……
    How it will end? A lot depends on the Growth Commission Report… will it be credible? First signs aren’t hopeful. , but two scenarios… you get a referendum late 2020, you will lose, and the indy dream is over, and the SNP implode and then lose more seats in 2021 SE, or May says she will grant you a referendum IF the SNP get an over majority in 2121. That ain’t gonna happen either.
    “In 2012, we started on 24%, ended on 45%. ” You think that the same will happen this time? Really?


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