And so the End of the Union Begins…

Many of you may not be aware, I wasn’t until late last nigh,t that there is a planned “day of action” by the SNP on the 29th September.

This day of action, which you can read about here is a listening exercise to gauge public opinion on Scottish independence in the face of the looming tragedy that its Brexit.

The SNP, and it’s now 125,000 members will be out on the streets all across Scotland listening to the voice of fellow Scots on their intentions regards independence.  The SNP plan on listening to 50,000 people, in what will be the country’s largest poll.

Keith Brown, the SNPs Deputy Leader is quoted as saying “MPs, MSPs and activists would be given a target of speaking to 50,000 people across the country on 29 September and the party would be “making the case for an independent Scotland” on the doorsteps by mobilising its sizeable membership”.

Mr Brown then went on to say “the day of action would allow the SNP to take a “huge sample of public opinion”, arguing that the time was right to make the case for independence given the “chaos of Brexit”.


Keith then went on to say that the plans to re-run a 2014 referendum vote may be pushed back if the timetable for the Brexit negotiations slips.

I agree with this opinion.

If the negotiations are not concluded and we don’t know what lies ahead, it will be hard to maintain support as the date of the next referendum approaches.  Some things are just not in our hands, but I take some solace in the fact that Jacob Rees-Mogg is trying to unseat the Prime Minister and his European Research Group are so far, looking like achieving their aim, which is a clean break from the EU.

For what it’s worth, if the timetable doesn’t shift, and we are poised to leave without a deal, I expect two things to happen.

  1. We are set to leave the EU on March 29th 2019 with no deal, Nicola Sturgeon announces a referendum on Scottish independence, sometime around Christmas and the New Year to be held in the couple of weeks leading up to March 29th 2019, and
  2. We are set to leave the EU on March 29th 2019 with no deal and the UK Government agrees between the announced independence referendum date and the no-deal date that there will be a Peoples Vote on the no-deal to take the wind out of the Yes Campaign.

I suspect number 2 will be the likely final outcome because, as I always reiterate, the UK Union is more important to the Establishment than the European Union.

If the number 2 scenario above were to unfold, Nicola would possibly be forced to cancel the independence referendum as it would be very likely that people would vote to Remain in the EU and the argument would falter – at least for a time being.

On top of this, we may find that the UK Government would declare the referendum result illegal if it went ahead when the UK Government had announced its intention to hold a Peoples Vote referendum around the same time.

Whatever occurs, be prepared for a huge jump in how the SNP is failing Scotland and how Scotland will lose so much more than just being out of the EU.  Scotland will be portrayed as a tiny country, out of the UK and out of the EU with no friends and loads of debt.

The challenge will be huge, but it won’t be impossible.

Scotland must find its voice and take back control.  We cannot afford any longer to be pawns and have our own destiny charted for us when we are capable of charting it ourselves.



5 thoughts on “And so the End of the Union Begins…

  1. Why do we have to wait for WM permissions? The simple act of cancelling the Act of Union by Holyrood will be seen as strength to be supported.
    Every day that passes sees a diminished Scotland.

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  2. As the song goes, “Scotland never had a Liz the first, so we have na a Lizzie two. No monarch has treated Scotlandss with respect EVER. When James signed the treaty to become James I of England he signed to be in Scotland every 3rd year, a promise he never honoured. So from that breaking of that treaty Scotland has been FREE. Time to grab the chance with both hands.


  3. “…the UK Union is more important to the Establishment than the European Union.”

    I think you might be surprised there – much of the Brexit establishment are really English nationalists, they may have romantic notions of union, but when push comes to shove will support an independent England over membership of the EU. A large number of them and their supporters probably care more about Gibraltar and the Falklands than Scotland.

    If May is in charge, I would not be surprised for her to call a “People’s Vote”, but even if she did not, I would expect her to take a Catalan route on another Scottish independence vote and declare it illegal if the Scottish Parliament attempted to run one with the “time not right for another vote”.

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  4. I don’t think May can declare ANY independence referenda to be illegal, if it is what the people of Scotland want. That IS why SNP insisted on the Claim of Rights being re-ratified a couple of months ago. There are various ways that the YES Scots can make their feelings known, one of which is happening even as I write – a petition signed by the Scots people stating that they want an IndyRef is already working its way through Scotgov and is to go before Scottish Parliament soon. We can also make our feelings known by voting SNP at the next election. A large win in itself could be used as proof that an IndyRef is wanted by the people. The fact is that the present Scotgov has a mandate and until the date for that passes – Scotland CAN hold one. Whether WM will abide by the result is another issue. But again… there are ways and means whereby they only cut off their own noses to spite their face if they don’t agree to participate in one – like at an election where SNP runs on a single issue – ‘Who wants an IndyRef’… If the unionist parties don’t run in the election, the SNP are elected by default. And that in itself can be the trigger for an IndyRef. My point is: there are many ways to run the next IndyRef so we don’t need to worry about May not agreeing to we it. We DON’T need her permission. Obviously the thing that can hold things up is Scotgov not knowing when we’re likely to win it.

    HAVING SAID ALL THAT… is an IndyRef really necessary? There are other ways of dissolving this union… and I believe Nicola Sturgeon and Michael Russell are well aware of these ways. Again, it’s all about timing. But these ways ARE possible… if Scotgov are brave enough to go for it…


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