Here is Why the SNP Should Stand in England!

There is one inescapable truth in the UK at the moment, and it’s an inescapable truth that doesn’t get much air time across the media waves, both at home and in the rUK.

The SNP are the only mainstream party that advocate remaining in the EU.

Recently, I have witnessed a growing increase in the desire of the younger generation in the rUK to want to vote for the SNP in the rUK.

Almost daily, I see people tweeting from the rUK hoping that the SNP will field candidates in the rUK so that the majority of under 50s in the rUK have a chance of remaining in the EU.

I too, have found myself tweeting out (albeit months ago) that the SNP should field candidates in targeted areas in England and Wales, if for no other reason than to send political shock wave across the UK.


As a Scottish resident and a believer in Scottish self-determination, there is a small part of me who wishes to see the SNP remain purely in Scotland, but there is a large part of me who wants the established political sphere in the UK where there is a perpetual two horsed race to come to an end.

I don’t wish this two horsed race to come to an end for my benefit because I believe Scotland will be independent and we will leave that system anyway, but for the benefit of our friends and neighbours south of the border, particularly those who feel like they have had their future ripped away from them.

There is a really strong misconception in the rUK because of the media might that the SNP are damaging Scotland.  That media message couldn’t be further from the truth.  Every day, Scotland shows its compassionate side to its electorate.  The Scottish Government tries far harder than any other political force in Scotland to actually recognise its electorate and find a balance between those who are pro-independence and those who are pro-union.  In the r-UK, that just isn’t there.  There is no will to find a balance between Remain and Leave.  Both main political parties are ignoring the 16,000,000 remain voters, most of whom are under 50 years old and that a bad place to be once the effects of Brexit start to bite.

The biggest immediate issue facing everyone alive in the UK today is of course Brexit.  It will have knock-on effects for generations.  The generation that voted for it will eventually be gone, and the younger, more European generation will be left to struggle on trying to improve things with the same old two horsed political system.  It must come to an end.

The good folks of England and Wales, many of whom resonate with what the SNP do in Scotland want change.  They want someone to take the lead and stand up in defiance and say No!

The SNP are the only party that could do that.

Even if they didn’t gain a single seat it would send political shockwaves across the rUK.  If they managed to gain votes, and anything of a decent proportion at that, it would illustrate that the people of the rUK were fed up with Labour and Tory policies and political games and it may force the electorate in England and Wales to look north for inspiration and leadership.

Both Labour and the Tories flip flop constantly.  You cannot pin down a single Brexit policy and for all they are worth (which isn’t much) they cannot seem to understand the electorate that they are meant to represent.

The young generation, those under 35 today will never forgive them for what they have done if Brexit isn’t stopped.

Me, well I couldn’t really care if Brexit is stopped, my concern is stopping the UK Union, but for our extended family in the rUK, maybe it’s time Scotland tried to help in the only way that it really could.

Just because I support the dissolution of the Act of Union between Scotland and England, it doesn’t mean I wish perpetual difficulty on our friends and neighbours.  If anything, I hope they manage to rid themselves of the poisonous politics of the main parties down south because until they do, they will forever be in the grip of an established political system that benefits no one other than those established politicians who force damaging policies onto those they represent.

Maybe it’s time to appeal to the young in the rUK and give them something more tangible than mystical Corbynism, robotic Mayism and ridiculous Trumpism?



3 thoughts on “Here is Why the SNP Should Stand in England!

  1. Well English has dominated the Union for something like 300 years, so based on the population ratio maybe Scotland should run the show for the Union’s final c30 years. That would balance things up a bit, no? 😉

    At present dissenters from the Two Horse Race of UK politics have only extreme fringe parties to flee to. Maybe the SNP’s brand of what I like to call “Sensible Socialism”, devoid of all the baggage that Labour has accumulated, would appeal widely, especially maybe to a new generation of voters? The only question is whether to use the SNP as is, or start some sort of sister party for England (and Wales?), and if so what on earth to call it? Either way would be great fun and might inject some new life and inspiration into the tired landscape of English political boredom. 🙂

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  2. I’m sorry but I totally disagree with you , I feel that the only way the english can realise how they have been robbed and misused by the brit nat parties is to come to their own awakening and rebel against these disreputable shysters . We have enough problems convincing the brit nat supporters up here that they are being ripped off .It is not our duty to act as carers for people who willingly vote and support these parasites


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