Claims of Emergency Legislation Being Prepared for January 2019?

I read a twitter thread today composed by James Patrick.  For those of you unfamiliar with James, his bio reads:

J.J. Patrick — or JP to those who know he’s nothing but trouble — was born in the New Forest and did most of his growing up in Derbyshire.

He served as a police officer for ten years, resigning from New Scotland Yard having acted as a whistle-blower, kicking off a parliamentary inquiry into the manipulation of crime figures by the police. He received open praise at the highest levels, for his integrity.

James now freelances as an independent journalist, blogs, and has created a body of work which includes regular contributions to The Justice Gap and The Common Space. His books are published by Cynefin Road.

He’s an NUJ Freelance member and complies with NUJ guidelines, as well as being signed up to the Impress regulations.

You can find out more about him here.

The thread in question is linked here, but for those of you who cannot access it, here it is typed:

START – “Right, I really don’t care whether people listen to this Brexit thread. It’s just here. This is a sanitised briefing. It is rated as “high level of confidence” and supported by OSINT, meaning it comes from multiple, reliable sources and is supported by open source information.

Numerous sources have confirmed the British government is deliberately aiming for a no deal Brexit outcome in order to take advantage of extended powers available to them under the scenario – including civil contingencies and so-called Henry VIII.

The Chequers plan is a ploy designed to engage the EU in distraction from the desired British outcome and create a false narrative at home in the UK that the EU are responsible.

Sources claim emergency legislation is being prepared for January next year (2019) when the Withdrawal Act no deal deadlines pass – this would be 29/01 and the civil contingencies secretariat have been convened as per leaked Hammond notes recently, adding credibility.

On Ireland: The British government hopes the EU will be forced to move first and install a hard border in Ireland in order to avoid blame itself for a situation it has created. Further sources claim the data harvested during Repeal 8th will be used in some “unity” campaigns.

The British government has progressed trade talks with the US to the point of potential emergency supply, moving substantially beyond informal discussions – though the Trump administration should not be taken at its word, a degree of reliance on this has been factored in UK side.

The government intends to create a tax haven on the EU’s doorstep to exploit financial service deregulation. This speaks for itself.

The British government aims to prevent France and other EU countries from properly preparing for no deal by continuing to falsely engage in the negotiations in bad faith, keeping the EU27 from moving from early stage plans to contingency measures as long as possible.

The British government hopes this will create a ripple effect of impact so it can later pursue a “Europe in chaos” narrative of disinformation and exploit the situation. In short hoping to spread the load of no deal impact, particularly into France due to geographical impact.

The British government hopes this collateral damage will add to planned disruption around the EU election processes next spring and they will use dissident relationships to further this – likely to include Orban.

The British are aware that contingency planning in France has not yet reached operational unit level even in the GIGN because the general French presumption is that the British government is genuinely engaged in good faith, which they are not.” – ENDS

48998403 - blured text with focus on crisis

Now I don’t really need to say much else on this, other than:

If the UK Government is indeed seeking a No-Deal Brexit, there is no requirement for it to be voted on in Parliament.  If you don’t believe me, go check it out.

If there is a No Deal Brexit, the only way it can be stopped is by a vote of No Confidence in the Prime Minister by a 2/3s majority of MPs, which sadly will never occur as it will tear both Labour and the Tories apart as both have pro-Brexit and pro-Remain MPs.

If there is any shred of truth in the above, which I believe there is as I have blogged about similar things in the past and I have seen the writing on the wall, then I am deeply concerned for those of you who cannot see it when you eventually realise just what is about to unfold.

Until the First Minister takes the bull by the horns and pushes for Scottish Independence, my wife and I have set wheels in motion to protect our own.

We are planning for the worst but hoping for the best.  There are just too many warning signs to be ignored.

I’m not sure I want to remain in a Scotland that is part of the UK past the 29th March 2019 as I have zero faith in the UK establishment allowing Scotland anything like the powers it currently enjoys, nor can I see the UK establishment allowing the Yes movement to grow any further.  If I have to stay here past 29th March 2019, I will hopefully be as far removed from the UK establishment as I can get on these islands.


9 thoughts on “Claims of Emergency Legislation Being Prepared for January 2019?

  1. I feel exactly the same Macalba.

    Currently abroad in the Middle East, have been since 2014. I did manage to cast a vote in 2014, but now find myself reluctant to return to the country of my birth in the event of it still being shackled to Westminster ad infinitum.

    I really do despair of what will become of our country post Brexit in a Tory winterland.

    5 million people lived in Scotland in 1900, 5.5 million in 2018. 500k of whom are non-Scots born. Says it all about how “succesful” the union has been for Scotland. The worst population growth in the whole of Europe.

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  2. I’ve been thinking just such an outcome is likely for several months now. We need to prepare for the worst, even if we hope it doesn’t come to pass.

    Dark times ahead, unless we, as a nation, get out now.

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  3. If the British are successful, then the USA will be like them, and no longer have the capability to save the lives of the British children that the British medical system condemns to death, because their system doesn”t have the capability to save them, and they refuse to allow others that do have those capabilities, like the USA, to save those children. After the British medical system forced the death of two British children, that they refused to allow to leave the UK for medical treatment abroad that the British were incapable of providing, there was another child the British were forced to allow to come to Boston to have a heart tumor removed, which the British medical system was incapable of doing, and was forcing the boy to stay in the UK, until President Trump intervened and got them to allow the boy to come to the USA for treatment, instead of allowing him to die in the UK, as the British medical system had ordered his parents to do. This boy was treated successfully and will live out a full life, because the US medical system is not hampered with a one payer system that doesn”t have the funds to advance medical treatments and technology, like the USA”s free enterprise system does.


    1. What a pile of shite.

      1. The UK NHS is hugely underfunded and instead money is wasted on other things such as Nuclear Weapons, illegal wars etc.

      2. The USA has around 600,000 people per year declared bankrupt due to its healthcare system. The UK has 0.

      3. Don’t preach about one or two children getting the best care in the US under a Trump administration when millions of American citizens are wilfully ignored, many of whom are children.


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