It’s Time to “Stop Doing the Day Job” Nicola…

In 177 days, Scotland will leave the European Union without any ability to choose otherwise.

This is because the other country in this political union, which has ten times the population that Scotland has decided it was so.

That same country and its standing Government in Westminster sent information to every single household in the UK advising them to remain because of the catastrophe that Brexit will bring.

That same Government is now hell bent on not only leaving the European Union but leaving it without a trade deal and thus likely to plunge the entire UK into a recession 4 times worse than we experienced in 2008.

This will literally be the worst recession the UK has experienced in living memory and to top it off we are hearing rumours of emergency legislation being prepared for enactment in January 2019 which will give the Prime Minister complete control over Parliament and lead the UK into a full blown dictatorship.


The border issue in Northern Ireland will not solve itself.  Come the 30th March 2019, the UK or the EU will be forced to set up a hard border.  Someone will have to budge and that’s when the troubles will start.

The UK Government is going hell for leather in its quest to not only destabilise the EU but also the entire UK whilst dangling a carrot of a ‘Festival of Brexit’ to last a full year where we can show off our lack of medicine, food, workers and trade deals with star performers such as the 1850’s Jacob Rees-Mogg and the clown Boris Johnston.

Maybe it’s time Nicola actually stopped improving Education, Policing, Crime Reduction, Employment Figures, Quarterly GDP, Under-Age Alcohol Reduction and the NHS and took her mind off of the day job and started to focus on her duty to protect the people of Scotland from this catastrophe it didn’t vote for?

She needs to focus on Independence, not on improving Scotland further when that 177 days gets one shorter after every sunset.

Its time Scotland acted for its own ends, not those of other countries that force their will onto others.

Scotland elected a Government to protect Scotland’s place in Europe, perhaps it’s time it started doing so and stopped making Scotland a better place to live (at least for the next 177 days).




8 thoughts on “It’s Time to “Stop Doing the Day Job” Nicola…

  1. 4 times ?
    I think you are being overly optimistic.
    Britain will be surfering ffrom this way beyond my lifetime.
    Its the children and their children I have sympathy for

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  2. What we’re facing is an institutional problem … someone let the Leavers loose out of the ‘institution’ where they ought to have been confined, i.e. the ‘funny farm’. Surely an entire government/country can’t go collectively insane … can it ???


  3. She needs to keep up the day job so that the soft no voters will be persuaded to yes. I’m sure she’s more than capable doing the day job and getting us the hell out of this union.


  4. 4 times, where is your evidence for this? they said that there would be a recession after the BBrexit vote but the economy grew.

    she needs to get on with the day job and stop governing for the minority of Scots that voted to leave.

    Education, Health and Policing are all falliing behind rUK, maybe these should be her key concerns.


  5. As an SNP voter in 2018, I vote for them to gain independence. I also vote for them because they are stronger for Scotland. Post independence, I will evaluate who to vote for out of the new Scottish parties that form.

    I’m sure I speak for most when I say that

    The SNP are not guaranteed votes once independence is achieved, they will be up against it like all parties in an independent Scotland.


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