A New Act of Unionism Will Be Forced On You Tomorrow (9th October 2018)…

Tomorrow sees the introduction of a New Act of Union Bill to the House of Lords.

The Constitution Reform Group, fronted by Menzies Campbell, Peter Hain and Robert Salisbury plan on introducing a new Act of Union Bill because of the threat of Scottish Independence.

They state “We have watched this saga with an increasing concern shared by many others who value the United Kingdom. It is a concern with a renewed sense of urgency since last week when Nicola Sturgeon talked of including the promise of another Scottish referendum in the SNP’s 2016 manifesto. We and others have therefore come together as the Constitution Reform Group to argue for a new Act of Union. We are retired cabinet ministers, practising politicians, former parliamentary officials and civil servants, lawyers, journalists and academics.


They also state “We have been encouraged by the response received so far, including from Scotland where the majority for the Union has been silenced. We hope our fellow supporters agree with us that the United Kingdom is a cause worth fighting for, if only to help us all to survive and prosper in our increasingly difficult world.

On their introduction page to the Bill, they make it known that not only is there a “need” to reform the Act of Union because of the fight for Scottish self-determination, but also because of Brexit.

The state “The Group believes that the case is a very urgent one, and the Bill as it has been drafted reflects the view that the UK needs a new constitutional settlement if the Union is to be preserved and strengthened. This is particularly important as the UK embarks on a new chapter of its history as it departs the EU in March 2019.”

This group will not only be putting this to the House of Lords, but they will also be holding a breakfast briefing on the Bill at the Institute for Government on Thursday the 11th October.

Last year I blogged about how Brexit is a deception to remove the issue of Scottish Independence.  This is now confirmed as fact.

Brexit was never about controlling immigrants, it was about preventing the century’s old established power In the UK where the Scots may realise that the break-up of the UK is in their best interests and goes against the interests of England.

The Macrone Report wasn’t kept secret for nothing.  The media are 99% Unionist for nothing.

Scotland leaving the UK will reduce the UKs standing to nothing more than that of an average country.  The UK as a legal entity will cease to exist and that’s just not acceptable to these “Lords”…

I also wrote a blog post titled Do You See It? where i wrote the below as a closing remark:

watch out for increased rhetoric on renewing the Act of Union, or developing a UK wide Constitution as either one may gain media traction as Brexit and ‘UK Independence’ approaches and the unfolding ‘constitutional crisis’ looms!

Scotland will have to stand up soon, or it’ll be chained for eternity!

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3 thoughts on “A New Act of Unionism Will Be Forced On You Tomorrow (9th October 2018)…

  1. No UK Parliament can bind successor UK Parliaments. It’s not a serious Bill. But, it will play into Scotland’s hands and give us more support for independence!


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