3 Cheers for a Scotland Border!

There was an article circulating social media this week with the regurgitated fear spreading “there will be checks at the border” nonsense post-independence.

We all know why these headlines are there. They aren’t aimed at trade; they are aimed purely at the minds of those with family south of the border who may be concerned that their trips to see their Granny or Aunty might be disrupted by a border.

But we all know it is nonsense, and here is why it will be nonsense:

  1. If Canada and the USA, both with a common land border and language and shared culture can create the will to be “hard border” free, we couldn’t Scotland and England?
  2. Scotland is a surplus exporter of goods. Most of its trade leaves this god-forsaken island via ports in England, however, post-independence that would change and the majority of any restrictions on movement would most certainly be from the south to the north, not the other way around. So why would England demand a “Hard Border”?
  3. As the EU has intimated, it will be likely that European Citizenship can be applied for by “British” citizens post Brexit (which I will CERTAINLY apply for). What is to say that Scotland, and England as Commonwealth nations couldn’t come to an arrangement where rUK citizens can freely travel to Scotland and vice versa?

It is so easy to punt a headline out there and try to scare people. But I guarantee you that same headline is not in the English version of the same newspaper…

Why? Well they don’t believe there will be a “hard border”, the purpose of the article is to sway Scottish voters away from Independence, not encourage English nationalists to demand it…

But in the event that there were to be a “Hard Border”, this is one Scot would wouldn’t gave a rat’s arse.

I don’t travel south of the border unless I have too, and if I had too, sitting in a queue for 20 minutes would be well worth the prize of holding a Scottish Passport and being greeted with a “Welcome Home” statement from a Scottish Border Patrol Guard when I came back up the M6.