Don’t Read If You Don’t Like Swearing!

This blog is different to my normal, and please, a word of warning…IF YOU ARE OF A “SWEAR FREE” DISPOSITION, PLEASE STOP READING HERE. You have been warned.


This past couple of weeks have been an utter embarrassment to democracy, and what’s worse is that it is being peddled “full on metal fucking jacket” by the state broadcaster.

This past couple of weeks we have seen heavily edited videos broadcast into every damn home in the UK, AND YOU PAY FOR IT.

On top of this, we are seeing every day the sham that is FPTP with Labour and Tories trying to oust Blackford, the Brexit Party standing by for the Tories, Tories and Labour in Scotland asking voters to switch sides, Unionist parties in Scotland with nothing but “no to indyref2” slogans whilst the Lib Dems and Labour are fannying about not being able to form any semblance of a remain pact with the SNP – all the while we have voters up and down the country shouting “Go Johnson, Go Trump” at every god damn opportunity whilst not having enough brain cells between them to understand that the foot of the UK is fast coming down on them and they cheer on those in the UK establishment, who, by the way are so far up Putins arsehole that they can see his teeth.

Now we see the “Scottish” Tories are crying out that the SNP are planning on screwing over Faslane workers because they want rid of Trident. Who fucking doesn’t? Nuclear weapons are not a deterrent, they are a massive, country fucking wide bullseye on Scotland. The funny thing is, a Tory crying that nuclear weapons cannot be based somewhere other than 50 miles from our countries largest city because of job losses whilst ignoring the thousands of job losses Brexit is having on those very people is some feat of fucking mental gymnastics if ever I heard it.

The fact that the UK establishment has buried a report in Russian interference in UK politics reeks of some serious cocaine-fuelled narcissistic poundland politics. How on earth the people can watch that unfold (or not as the case me be) and still have an ounce of thought that Johnson and his cronies are the best thing on offer to Scotland is a flipping joke of nightmare proportions.

Any why? Why do they feel that aresholes, 500 miles away with not a single moral compass between them can lead them to some post Brexit utopia when their leader cant even lay a wreath to the war dead the right fucking way up.

This UK is nothing more than a disgrace and those that run it are nothing more than charlatans, probably with more rubles in the bank than a corrupt Russian general.

On the 12th December, do yourself and your country a massive favour and vote SNP so that they can at least try and save us from this dystopian nightmare.


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