The Next Step!

Some of you may recall a blog post I wrote in September 2018 titled “Do You See It?”.

Within that article, I wrote about how the Claim of Right vote that took place in Westminster was different to the two priors, in 1989 in Edinburgh and the first Claim of Right that pre-dated the Act of Union which took place in 1689.

One of the paragraphs from that article articulated the importance of this vote in 2018.

“The Scottish Claim of Right vote in 2018 took place in Westminster.  This was different from the Claim of Right vote at the Mound in Edinburgh in 1989, and different from the original Claim of Right vote in 1689.  The reason it was different was because the 2018 vote was officially endorsed by the House of Commons of the United Kingdom that the people of Scotland are sovereign and that they have the right to determine the best form of Government for Scotland’s needs.  This is significant because this is the first time that the United Kingdom has agreed that legally, Scotland can choose to be independent if it feels that is in the best interests of Scotland without the expressed permission of Westminster.  Now this cannot be challenged in any Supreme Court by Whitehall because it was Whitehall who endorsed and voted for it.  They would effectively be challenging themselves.”

What has struck me ever since I wrote that blog post is:

  1. How far it was shared and viewed, and
  2. How seemingly unimportant that vote was in the eyes of Westminster.

For those of you who were paying attention in 2018, you’ll have seen the lack of interest on Westminster’s behalf, and how the MPs in London could barely get their arse’s in gear to bother turning up for it. Such is the arrogance of their belief in the Union and the sure-footed view that Scotland could never leave it.

Obviously, on the back of the General Election 2019, the Scottish Conservatives, in Jackson Carlaw, literally stated “The Union is on the Ballot paper”. The Scottish Conservatives stood on one single policy…No to IndyRef2.

Subsequently, they lost their vote share, and they lost seats. The SNP, standing on a platform of “Let the Scottish people choose”, increased their seats and vote share, and received more votes as a percentage of where they stand in elections compared to the Tories across the whole UK.

If Boris has a mandate, Nicola has a mandate.

The media will of course, under the direction of 10 Downing Street try their hardest to negate this point. They will constantly push for Nicola to expose her plan B, because after all, they just need to keep saying No to everything and anything Nicola asks to further independence. So, it leads to one inevitable outcome of action on Nicola’s behalf.


Use their democratic levers against them.

The best way, to defeat those who wish to do you harm, is to use their own strength against them. In so doing that, your opposition will either:

  1. Succeed that you are right, or
  2. Change the goal posts and expose themselves as changing the goal posts.

Either way, Scotland wins because the Scottish people will see that the action is either:

  1. Democratic, or
  2. Dictatorial.

So, where does this leave Nicola and the independence movement?

The answer lies in the levers of democracy in the UK Parliament.

Firstly, no referendum in the United Kingdom is legally binding, that was reinforced when Gina Miller took the UKG to the Supreme Court, which ruled that the “will of the people” must be respected, even though the referendum was advisory.

Secondly, Westminster has endorsed that the Scottish people are sovereign and as such can choose the best for of government suited to their needs.

And thirdly, If the SNP don’t have a mandate on 45% of the vote in a country with a separate legal system and an endorsed Claim of Right, then the Conservatives don’t have a mandate to Brexit. UK democracy, and parliamentary elections are fought on mandates, and its those mandates that are used as a fundamental basis to enact change at a UK level.

My view here is that we will Brexit on the 31st January 2020. I have blogged about this in the past. We have always needed to Brexit. Not to feel the damage, as that’s being felt already, but to expose the route to independence as being democratic. We have no right to stop England leaving the EU, just as England has no right to stop Scotland leaving the UK, and that will come to pass as democratic.

On top of this, we will find ourselves in the position of arguing the case for democracy to be upheld across the UK, and that will likely fall and be decided at a Supreme Court level, and the Claim of Right will be pivotal in that outcome.

Now, I am firmly of the opinion that Number 10 will deny Scotland any opportunity to vote for its independence because voting for independence results in two problems for the UKG.

  1. It exposes the perception that Brexit is so damaging that it has ripped the Union apart, literally, and
  2. The UK ceases to exist. Something that cannot be allowed to happen now, let alone ever.

And that’s key here. It will never be allowed to happen, but the formal question, through democracy needs to be asked. The exposing of a fake democracy needs exposing, and it needs formally recognised.

The resulting impact will be further support for independence, we have seen that already with Labour very close to supporting independence and the huge surge in SNP members over the past couple of days.

When Nicola lays out the democratic case for a choice on a different future for Scotland this week, it will be instantly knocked back. The same parroted lines will be used, but it is a necessary evil to pursue because it will eventually be used as evidence to stifle Scottish democracy and breach the Claim of Right.

What this will lead to in my view?

Independence through a written Constitution and the completion of the Declaration of Arbroath.

The reason I believe this and have done for years is because democracy in the UK only works when Westminster is in control of it. Otherwise, democracy is ignored and exposed for the Banana Republic democracy that it is. This s about control, and it always has been.

On top of this, Scotland as a country is overwhelmingly socialist. The very core of Scotland is at opposites of the rUK. Every aspect of Scottish life is about hope, inclusion and cooperation. We have always been a nation of welcoming people. The best way to cement that population personality is to finish what was recognised 700 years ago in the protection of all our rights so that they are decided by the people of Scotland.

It has taken 700 years to get to this point, but that’s the thing with time…when enough of it passes by, the history of where its been reinforces where it is headed, and in our case to independence.

I will, at this point reiterate what some of my previous blogs have stated.

Labour will try every attempt to force Home Rule as the option.  They will do this because they are unelectable but Unionist.

They will try and get people to vote for them and delay the inevitable screams for independence until 2021.  They will promise everything that they have promised in the past, and they will renegade on that promise.

I am not saying we shouldn’t embrace former No voters to Yes, to the contrary, but what we must do, and we must do it now, is make it clear that no matter what alternative the Union offers, because they will, we must reject it as it will, as it always has been, another method to control and keep Scotland chained.