700 Years – Now It’s Time for Conviction!

In 2019, I ended my blog on a high.  I ended it a couple of days after the SNP gained a landslide victory in Scotland with 47 (+1) MPs supporting Scottish independence, with 45% of the vote, whilst England voted for the Tories and gave them an English landslide with 43% of the vote.

The 43% was interpreted as a mandate to “Get Brexit Done”, so I suspect, and fully agree that Brexit should be done – in England.

However, the First Minister held a conference not long after that victory, requesting a Section 30 from the Prime Minister and requesting that he himself provide the answer to the simple question of:

“Is the UK Union a voluntary Union?”.

An excellent question from the First Minister because it is a question with a binary answer.  Yes, or No.  If it is Yes, then we can leave, if it is No then we are prisoners.  Both answers assist the independence movement, but no answer will come.  The FM could scream from the rooftops but still no answer will come.  And guess what folks, no answer will come from the Section 30 request.

Didn’t you all see how the PM rejected the population in the campaign for GE2019?  He is literally immune to anything because 43% of the people back him, and that’s a big enough margin to do as he pleases for the next 5 years at least.

The same does not apply in Scotland because the PM has the afforded right of being supported by 99% of the “British” media.  The First Minister is against 99% of the “British” media.

Over the past few days, I have grown weary of some in the SNP.  There are clearly battle lines being drawn, and I suspect it will end in the splitting of the party – Note you read it here first.

On one hand we have the likes of Pete Wishart and a few others constantly saying we need to be gentle, take our time, win over a couple more people etc. and on the other hand we have other SNP MPs, such as Joanna Cherry looking for more urgency.  The question is, where does the First Minister stand?

It’s a pertinent question to ask, because mandate, after mandate, she has been given her answer as to where the population stands, and I suspect if she doesn’t take matters into her own hands, if the SNP splits, she will see an exodus like never before.

Why?  Its simple really…the Scottish people are utterly fed up with the UK Union and the way we have been treated for the past 10 years or so (especially).  Add Iran and a US trade deal (including Brexit) into the mix and we have a very delicate situation that could very well result in masses of SNP voters leaving the SNP for greener pastures should the party split or should the party dither about for another half decade or so whilst our population is damaged and our economy is in tatters.

Personally, I am at a point where I find myself agreeing with Elaine C Smith when she stated that the Labour party collapsed in Scotland because they thought they were above the people, and the SNP will also collapse if they believe they are above the people.

Scots are sovereign.  It has been part of our culture for centuries, and that isn’t about to change.  If anything, it is exemplified and if any SNP MPs feel that the gentle, gentle approach (because of fear of Catalonia) is what needs to happen, they should step aside and allow someone else to take their place and fight tooth and nail to preserve our rights as Europeans, reject Trumps trade deals and stand firmly against war crimes in Iran and give the Scottish population the choice as soon as possible, but no later than the end of this year.

As a sovereign Scot, the current situation and the impending possibility of the UK being at war (again) is at complete odds with who I am and who most of my fellow citizens are, if those reasons aren’t enough for the SNP and its leadership to act with conviction and get us the hell out of this disgraceful situation, nothing is…and that does not bode well for the people of Scotland who want something better for themselves, their children and the wider world.

Very soon we may be collectively at a point where we will have to pick a side…