Taking a Break

What a couple of days it has been.  It has brought the whole UK Union and Scotland’s place within it to sharp focus.

On Brexit Eve, i pondered many things, particularly, i had to come to terms with teh reality of the situation.  The reality being that the European Rights i was born with in 1983, and have continued to hold have been removed against my wishes.  They have also been removed from my children, and i suspect, my grandchildren for as long as Scotland stays in this Union.

I listened to Nicolas speech, one of the many hoping for some real substance, and i felt bitterly disappointed because of the emotion i felt towards Brexit day and what it truly meant for me going forward

I slept on it and felt much better for it.  I came to the realisation that from this point on, there is nothing the UK Union can do to grow Unionist support.  No matter what they try, it will fail.  They cannot put the lid back onto Pandora’s box.

I take great comfort knowing that in the not too distant future, Scotland will take it rightful place at the heart of Europe, and our culture and identity will be enriched far more than it is today because of our welcome into the European family as a pround and independent country.

I have also considered the impact that Social media has been having on me over the past couple of months.  The online discussions have descended into such a tone and the imperial views my country is held in is frustrating me, and with that, i have decided to take a couple of weeks off from social media.

I believe the dust needs to settle on what has happened and for Scots to become fully aware of the divergence that is about to come.  The divergence and threats to our rights, industry, regulations, produce, culture and the foisting of the Union so hard onto our people that what we have encountered this past month or two will pale in comparison.

I am firmly of the belief that the lies of the last 3 years are going to be brought to light very quickly and with a thump that support for independence will sky-rocket, at which point i will reconsider my social media position.

Sometimes, even my desire to see an independent Scotland needs to take a back seat as i regroup my thoughts and distance myself from the rhetoric online, because at the moment, i see no benefit in me being there and immersed in so much hatred towards Scotland.

Have faith in Nicola.  She strives for the same as us.  Take 5 minutes to think through any choice you make about the SNP position, and make sure that whatever you choose, keep the aim of independence at the fore, because without them, we will not get independence.