Scotland – The Wealthiest Country in Europe (Truth Exposed)

I tasked myself a couple of weeks ago that i would compare Scotland and England with all remaining 27 EU member states across 11 major areas of their economies on a per population basis.

It makes sense to compare across the population size as this is a better reflection of how the economy spreads across the people and how each country is positioned to improve its economy or where to invest.

I suggest you read right to the end – the results (all of which are sourced at the foot of this blog post) are UNBELIVABLE. They genuinely are fantastic reading and by the time you get to the end of this blog post – you will see exactly why an independent Scotland wont be granted, it’ll have to be taken.

Rest assured that what you have been told, and what you continue to be told are nothing short of lies on a massive scale, designed to keep you from reading and finding out the truth.

Well i present the truth.

The 11 areas I measured on a per population basis were:

COASTLINE – An important indicator as it allows any government to realise its potential in renewables, transportation, tourism, fishing and emerging industries.

SEA AREA – Again, allows a country to determine any potential emerging industry, or resource exploration and other viable industries on and under water.

FOREST – An important indicator in habitat management, timber production, and land area potentially available for industry.

FARM LAND – Farming and food production, as well as feeding into exports and available land. A key indicator in a countries development and potential.

OIL RESERVES – As the world relies on such volumes, and its been the mainstay of the global economy for decades, it cannot be ignored as a revenue stream. Even with the decommissioning potential and diversification of the industry.

GAS RESERVES – Like oil, a major part of many worlds economies and one that cannot just be shrugged because of greener technologies.

RENEWABLE PRODUCTION – As energy increases and evolves, its likely that this will become a major economic driver in the near future.

FISH LANDINGS – A hot Brexit topic and one that is of course important in the diversity of a countries economy and an illustration of its geographic potential.

TOURISM INCOME – An important indicator on how people view our country and whether or not they feel a strong enough connection or desire to come to it. Influenced by many factors across the whole countries economy and view within the world.

GDP (per head) – Of course, the one that everyone relies on…and the one that the Scottish people have next to no control over how its managed (makes interesting reading when compared against other similar countries). I wonder, do other similar countries have a GERS system that estimates things on their behalf?

TOTAL EXPORTS – As per GDP and many other areas in the economy, export numbers paint a picture of how much the world wants a part of our products and feels a connection to consume and use what we produce for the wider world.

As you can see, Scotland performs 1st in 4 of the 11 areas and in the top 3 in 8 of the areas. No other EU member state comes close with the exception of Denmark.

Averaged across all 11 areas, using the ranking as the total sums (divided by the 11 areas), Scotland totals 50 and comes a very solid FIRST, with second place Denmark some 44 points behind. The last country is Hungary with a combined ranking of 206 across all areas. England sitting a lowly 17th.

Below is the total rankings and placed in overall rank.

I am under no illusion that if Scotland were already independent that we would be the most successful country in Europe and higher ranked on the global scale than any other small nation. There is not a shadow of a doubt that Scotland’s economy has the potential to explode under independence and to benefit all the people who live here or will make their home here.

The numbers above, and the sources below should show you just how the British state wants this hidden from you and does NOT want you knowing the truth of Scotland’s resource and true potential fiscal position post independence – even when we are still in the UK union we are 16 ranks above England and top across all of Europe on what i measured – what an achievement Scotland – a truly blessed nation in natural and generated wealth.

Please share this blog post as far as you can – i am limited to Twitter and i think everyone needs to read this.


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