The Tories, Andrew Neil and the BBC. This is Utterly Disgraceful…

If you aren’t aware already, the BBC received a complaint about a statement made on the Andrew Neil Sunday Politics show on the 30th April 2017.

The complaint was raised by a member of the public due to a statement made by Andrew Neil that 1 in 5 children leave school in Scotland ‘functionally illiterate’. Continue reading


Don’t you remember your own independence?

I often think about the choices of people regards independence and what can and does motivate some people to obtain it or shun it and it often takes me full circle back to my own ‘independence’.

When I was growing up I came through some very difficult times.   Up until the age of 11 I had probably experienced more life experiences than many will encounter in their whole life, from 11 onwards, things really settled down for me.  It allowed me the opportunity that other children had which was one of excitement at becoming a teenager and then onto adulthood. Continue reading