The BBC At It Again!

The German election is over and the results are as follows:

Party Percentage of Votes
SPD 20.5%
AfD 12.6%
FDP 10.7%
Left 9.2%
Greens 8.9%

Now normally I wouldn’t relate votes in another country to Scotland, but this one is Continue reading


When does SNP Good become SNP Bad?

Last night I was watching the new Grand Designs on Sky.  I paused the TV a few times whilst doing other things and oddly just as Grand Designs on live pause was finishing, my TV was on BBC 1 at 1035pm.

Trust me it was an accident as I cannot stand watching Reporting Scotland and I actively hurry in panic when it comes on to clamber for the remote to change it. Continue reading

BBC’s Good Morning Scotland – A Trojan Horse Against Independence!

I saw a tweet today, well I see many tweets but this one stood out.


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How the SNP ‘could’ tackle the Scottish Media bias!

So on the back of my previous blog ‘Why are the SNP not officially rebutting the Scottish media?’ post which seems to have created much discussion, I felt it right to discuss what my proposition would be regards how the SNP tackle the mainstream media bias in Scotland.

I’m sure, this article will create discussion too, but that’s what both of these are meant to do, get us talking, get us involved and get us to help the SNP move forward. Continue reading


Reporting Scotland – Scotlands National Disgrace!

So Jackie…what are you up too?

Reporting Scotland reported on the exam results last night, Jackie started off by saying that there was a record number of Scottish children being able to obtain a place at university because of their exam results and that this included an increase in the number of children from deprived areas but critics say this is despite SNP policy…. Continue reading


‘Buy Me Scotland’ said the Union through the BBC..


I just watched the below video as posted on Twitter and found myself watching it 3 times over because I simply couldn’t believe what I had just watched.

Reporting Scotland Video

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