Resetting Indyref2 – A Mistake or Calculated Choice?

So before I start on this blog post, let me make something clear.  This is a post about why I believe we have made a collective error in judgement by ‘resetting’ the legislative plan for Indyref2.

My thoughts are that I fear Nicola Sturgeon putting the legislative process to rest for a while regards Indyref2 is costing Scotland the opportunity to leave the UK behind financially post Brexit. Continue reading

Labour and the Tories – Same Rhetoric, Different Mouth!


I wrote a few days ago about Brexit V Independence and how it is simply an establishment showpiece and I stand by this assertion.

By establishment, I mean those at a UK Government level and higher.  I’m talking about the Amber Rudd’, Theresa May’, Jacob Rees-Mogg’, Rupert Murdoch’ and Jeremy Corbyn’ of this world. Continue reading

Brexit V Independence – An Establishment Showpiece


When is Brexit and Independence the same thing?

They have been since both votes took place and will continue to be until Brexit is finalised and until the Independence movement is absolved.

Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May, David Davis, Vince Cable, Liam Fox, Dianne Abbott, Jacob Rees-Mogg et al are all the same establishment figures that those pulling the strings want you to vote for.  The only thing that changes is when they want you to vote for them. Continue reading

Brexit – Who is really to blame?


Quite often I sit and ponder at the current political situation in the UK.  I suspect many do.  Trying to navigate the mental mine field can be challenging but in my opinion there is an unfolding, somewhat predictable ‘game’, and I worry at the potential outcome.

This article is going to be quite lengthy but it is worthwhile bearing with it through to the end and you can take from it what you will – and form your own opinion.

Continue reading