493 Days

493 days ago, you ignored it. 332 days ago, you still ignored it. Are you now noticing it? Now you can see it. A Series of Unfortunate Events! – But here you are, reading this – ignoring this. Look up! UBI for you!

332 Days

332 days ago, most of you ignored it. “Most of you will ignore this – and that’s fine but understand. Very soon, the dots are going to join together. Some of you will start to believe, some of you will continue to deny. Both are OK, it’s just where we all are on our own… Read More 332 Days

Irrefutable Evidence – Scotland’s Direct European Wealth Comparisons.

Many of you will recall that i wrote a blog post in October 2018 titled “Irrefutable Proof – Its not Scotland that’s too poor to be independent, Its England“. That blog post illustrated, and all sourced from official websites, that on a income and resource level, Scotland out performed England on a population basis in… Read More Irrefutable Evidence – Scotland’s Direct European Wealth Comparisons.

What is Going On?

I’ve put off writing this blog post for a couple of days but something occurred yesterday that has made me pen this, well actually three things occurred yesterday, and another thing has occurred today that has made me decide I need to articulate.