My Views on Scotlands GRA Reforms

I will admit, I have paid little to no attention on this matter because over the past few months it has become such a toxic debate that it has put me off engaging in it, however, that being said I was highlighted to a tweet where a full on meltdown was taking place because a… Read More My Views on Scotlands GRA Reforms


700 Years – Now It’s Time for Conviction!

In 2019, I ended my blog on a high.  I ended it a couple of days after the SNP gained a landslide victory in Scotland with 47 (+1) MPs supporting Scottish independence, with 45% of the vote, whilst England voted for the Tories and gave them an English landslide with 43% of the vote.

The Next Step!

Some of you may recall a blog post I wrote in September 2018 titled “Do You See It?”. Within that article, I wrote about how the Claim of Right vote that took place in Westminster was different to the two priors, in 1989 in Edinburgh and the first Claim of Right that pre-dated the Act… Read More The Next Step!