It Is Inevitable…

As I sit and write this blog post, there are images of fascist thugs in Catalonia running through my mind. Those images bring me back to the day after the independence referendum where unionist thugs were doing the same thing. 

Let’s Learn the Lessons Scotland!

If there are two things the ‘Yes movement’ can take away from the recent and continuing situation in Catalonia it is: Any western nation that has a separatist movement that has a strong possibility of voting for and declaring independence will likely be met with trouble, unless it’s on the terms of the over-arching state;… Read More Let’s Learn the Lessons Scotland!


Indyref2 must NOT turn out like the Catalonia Referendum?

Follow @BlogAlba I have had this debate on Twitter with many pro-independence people and pro-union people.  They both come up with different points of view, but both fail to understand the history of oppression that the British Government has inflicted upon ‘colonies’ wishing to become independent when the tide turns against their media propaganda and… Read More Indyref2 must NOT turn out like the Catalonia Referendum?