Indyref2 must NOT turn out like the Catalonia Referendum?

I have had this debate on Twitter with many pro-independence people and pro-union people.  They both come up with different points of view, but both fail to understand the history of oppression that the British Government has inflicted upon ‘colonies’ wishing to become independent when the tide turns against their media propaganda and they push ahead with the vote regardless.

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Scotland Should Expect the Unexpected

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a fairly bold prediction.

Scotland will hold Indyref2 between now and 2020.

I don’t normally make such bold predictions but it’s based on a combination of unfolding events. Continue reading

The one Poll to change it all?

The results are in people.

I commissioned a Twitter poll on Friday.  I only let it run 3 days so that I could write up this blog post sooner rather than later.

I posed a question and humbly asked for it to be re-tweeted far and wide.

The question was:

Should Scottish MP’s be recalled to Scotland to form an Emergency National Assembly given the current state of UK democracy? Continue reading


All Scottish MP’s Need To Come Home NOW!

This will be a short one and straight to the point.

Shit is really about to hit the fan…

Last night, the second reading of the EU Withdrawal Bill passed in Westminster effectively turning the UK into a legal dictatorship. Continue reading


Scotland – Are you noticing the shift?

Well, what a week this has started off to be.

Our children will look back at these days as taught in their History classes as a time in which it nearly all went pear shaped…at least that’s what I hope they will be taught.


Of course, this all depends on the future actions of the POTUS, UK PM and our First Minister. Continue reading


Reporting Scotland – Scotlands National Disgrace!

So Jackie…what are you up too?

Reporting Scotland reported on the exam results last night, Jackie started off by saying that there was a record number of Scottish children being able to obtain a place at university because of their exam results and that this included an increase in the number of children from deprived areas but critics say this is despite SNP policy…. Continue reading


Why are the SNP not officially rebutting the Scottish Media?

Is anyone else bothered by the apparent lack of ANY rebuttal by the Scottish Government against the way the UK mainstream media reports in Scotland?

I am…

On an almost daily basis, we see another story about how Scotland is failing, when in fact it is the opposite. Continue reading