Brexit – The Scottish Independence Deception!

For some time I have felt that the Brexit vote is being used as a proxy to take momentum away from Scotland’s independence movement.  Some of you may agree, so of you may not.  It’s difficult for me to describe exactly why I believe that is the case without much verifiable information, but I shall… Read More Brexit – The Scottish Independence Deception!


Faith Restored – SNP Poll at 75%

I stumbled across a Twitter poll a few days back and I cannot for the life of me find it anymore.  Anyway, the result at the time I voted was that 2,500 people had voted on the back of the question which stated: If there was a General Election now, how would you vote?

Labour and the Tories – Same Rhetoric, Different Mouth!

Follow @BlogAlba I wrote a few days ago about Brexit V Independence and how it is simply an establishment showpiece and I stand by this assertion. By establishment, I mean those at a UK Government level and higher.  I’m talking about the Amber Rudd’, Theresa May’, Jacob Rees-Mogg’, Rupert Murdoch’ and Jeremy Corbyn’ of this… Read More Labour and the Tories – Same Rhetoric, Different Mouth!