What If….?

Now before you read on, this blog post is conjecture.  It is not based on ‘hard evidence’, its speculation but in my opinion it is worth-while speculation.

Brexit and the missing £400odd billion really has caused financial alarm across the UK, not that you’d really notice due to the complete lack of volume surrounding the loss of nearly 25% of the entire GDP of the UK. Continue reading


Beware of the Brexit NO DEAL to stop Independence!

Simply put, that is what the current UK Government are going to do to stop the independence ‘threat’.

The current ‘negotiations’, if you can call it that, are locked in a stale mate with the EU saying the ball is in UK hands and the UK saying the ball is in the EU’s hands. Continue reading

Let’s Learn the Lessons Scotland!

If there are two things the ‘Yes movement’ can take away from the recent and continuing situation in Catalonia it is:

  1. Any western nation that has a separatist movement that has a strong possibility of voting for and declaring independence will likely be met with trouble, unless it’s on the terms of the over-arching state; and
  2. Any western nation that has a separatist movement must be organised before it has any chance of possibly voting for and declaring independence.

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Indyref2 must NOT turn out like the Catalonia Referendum?

I have had this debate on Twitter with many pro-independence people and pro-union people.  They both come up with different points of view, but both fail to understand the history of oppression that the British Government has inflicted upon ‘colonies’ wishing to become independent when the tide turns against their media propaganda and they push ahead with the vote regardless.

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