And So It Begins…

I’m sure you are all aware of the momentous decision taken yesterday by the Scottish Parliament on their motion to NOT agree to the EU Withdrawal Bill at Westminster and to withhold consent. The SNP, Labour, Lib Dems and Greens all voted to withhold consent, leaving the Tories isolated and in effect, against Scotland, her… Read More And So It Begins…


Holyrood is Marked for Demolition

Next week, Theresa Mays Government, including the Secretary of State for Scotland in the Union, David Mundell will be challenging the Scottish Governments Continuity Bill at the UK Supreme Court. David Mundell, not too long ago distinctly told Scotland that he would fight Scotland’s corner.  Seems like he was telling a little porkie pie!

Russian Roulette

Follow @BlogAlba   I recently read a blog post by Craig Murray about the unfolding situation regards the Salisbury Incident, and if accurate, it brings some unwelcome thoughts and ingredients into the Scottish Independence mix.