SNP Voters are the Light in a Darkening UK

It’s not often headlines grab my attention and take me aback.  Like many of you in Scotland you will have seen them all and most do not surprise you, however, they will, like me, make you laugh!

Pre-2014 and right through to present day we see the most obscure and wildly inaccurate headlines anywhere, so when one does take me aback, I pay attention to it. Continue reading


Things can be different, things can be better!

Well what a conference that was.

Whether you agree with the SNP’s government, independence direction or politicians or not, no one can argue that their announcements have a not a single detrimental effect on the people of Scotland.  Well, not everyone can argue unless you are an avid unionist or Tory voter. Continue reading

Beware of the Brexit NO DEAL to stop Independence!

Simply put, that is what the current UK Government are going to do to stop the independence ‘threat’.

The current ‘negotiations’, if you can call it that, are locked in a stale mate with the EU saying the ball is in UK hands and the UK saying the ball is in the EU’s hands. Continue reading


Indyref2 must NOT turn out like the Catalonia Referendum?

I have had this debate on Twitter with many pro-independence people and pro-union people.  They both come up with different points of view, but both fail to understand the history of oppression that the British Government has inflicted upon ‘colonies’ wishing to become independent when the tide turns against their media propaganda and they push ahead with the vote regardless.

Continue reading


Scotland Should Expect the Unexpected

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a fairly bold prediction.

Scotland will hold Indyref2 between now and 2020.

I don’t normally make such bold predictions but it’s based on a combination of unfolding events. Continue reading


The one Poll to change it all?

The results are in people.

I commissioned a Twitter poll on Friday.  I only let it run 3 days so that I could write up this blog post sooner rather than later.

I posed a question and humbly asked for it to be re-tweeted far and wide.

The question was:

Should Scottish MP’s be recalled to Scotland to form an Emergency National Assembly given the current state of UK democracy? Continue reading


When does SNP Good become SNP Bad?

Last night I was watching the new Grand Designs on Sky.  I paused the TV a few times whilst doing other things and oddly just as Grand Designs on live pause was finishing, my TV was on BBC 1 at 1035pm.

Trust me it was an accident as I cannot stand watching Reporting Scotland and I actively hurry in panic when it comes on to clamber for the remote to change it. Continue reading