What If….?

Now before you read on, this blog post is conjecture.  It is not based on ‘hard evidence’, its speculation but in my opinion it is worth-while speculation.

Brexit and the missing £400odd billion really has caused financial alarm across the UK, not that you’d really notice due to the complete lack of volume surrounding the loss of nearly 25% of the entire GDP of the UK. Continue reading


Indyref2 must NOT turn out like the Catalonia Referendum?

I have had this debate on Twitter with many pro-independence people and pro-union people.  They both come up with different points of view, but both fail to understand the history of oppression that the British Government has inflicted upon ‘colonies’ wishing to become independent when the tide turns against their media propaganda and they push ahead with the vote regardless.

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Another Nail in Scotland’s Coffers – I mean Coffin!

The incumbent Prime Minister of this dis-United Kingdom is on a jolly to Florence to deliver a speech to foreign ‘leaders’ on many things, notably Brexit – of course no EU delegates are reported to be in attendance.

It’s rumoured that she will propose that the UK, in all its wisdom, will offer the EU approximately £20,000,000,000 as part of a transitional deal allowing it to remain within the Single Market and develop its own ‘bespoke’ Customs Union with the EU for 2 years. Continue reading

The one Poll to change it all?

The results are in people.

I commissioned a Twitter poll on Friday.  I only let it run 3 days so that I could write up this blog post sooner rather than later.

I posed a question and humbly asked for it to be re-tweeted far and wide.

The question was:

Should Scottish MP’s be recalled to Scotland to form an Emergency National Assembly given the current state of UK democracy? Continue reading