Agenda me this, Agenda me that!

It’s been a while since my last blog post, for those of you who follow me, I apologise but I have been up to my eyebrows with work commitments and travelling but boy do I have a lot to talk about.

I think before I delve into the multiple blog posts that I feel like writing, I will write about the main issue that is on my mind.  The Agenda! Continue reading


Why not become ‘Stronger for Scotland, but in England’? It’s normal in UK politics!

I often see on social media people saying it’s OK to vote for Scottish Labour etc. but still support independence.

That is so far from the truth it’s laughable. Continue reading


The Problems in this Union #01, #02 and #03

I have decided to start a sequence of ‘Problems in this Union’ on the back of my article yesterday.

The basic idea is that i want to try and start a stronger movement of people sharing the problems of remaining in this union, not what good things Scotland achieves in this union. Continue reading


People MUST see that the Union is the problem…

Scotland must start shifting its view from questioning the viability of independence to questioning the continued viability of the Union.

Only once people start seeing that the Union is the problem will they embrace full independence. Continue reading


What If….?

Now before you read on, this blog post is conjecture.  It is not based on ‘hard evidence’, its speculation but in my opinion it is worth-while speculation.

Brexit and the missing £400odd billion really has caused financial alarm across the UK, not that you’d really notice due to the complete lack of volume surrounding the loss of nearly 25% of the entire GDP of the UK. Continue reading


Conservatism and it’s Dangerous Competency

It really grates on me when I see SNP and pro-independence people using the words ‘incompetence’ and ‘Tory’ in the same sentence.

It is high time people who want shot of this union start to realise that the Tories are NOT incompetent, they are purposeful and very competent. Continue reading