Scotland – Are you noticing the shift?

Well, what a week this has started off to be.

Our children will look back at these days as taught in their History classes as a time in which it nearly all went pear shaped…at least that’s what I hope they will be taught.


Of course, this all depends on the future actions of the POTUS, UK PM and our First Minister. Continue reading

Resetting Indyref2 – A Mistake or Calculated Choice?

So before I start on this blog post, let me make something clear.  This is a post about why I believe we have made a collective error in judgement by ‘resetting’ the legislative plan for Indyref2.

My thoughts are that I fear Nicola Sturgeon putting the legislative process to rest for a while regards Indyref2 is costing Scotland the opportunity to leave the UK behind financially post Brexit. Continue reading

YES – Impregnable, Imploding or Infiltrated – You Decide!


So I wrote a short piece on my support for Wings Over Scotland last week.  The message I was trying to get across was fairly simple.

The point was, no matter what people perceive to be the intention of the Wings tweet, no matter their stance on which side they take, people that want independence for Scotland should take a step back and try to see what is going on here. Continue reading