Russian Roulette


I recently read a blog post by Craig Murray about the unfolding situation regards the Salisbury Incident, and if accurate, it brings some unwelcome thoughts and ingredients into the Scottish Independence mix. Continue reading


Agenda me this, Agenda me that!

It’s been a while since my last blog post, for those of you who follow me, I apologise but I have been up to my eyebrows with work commitments and travelling but boy do I have a lot to talk about.

I think before I delve into the multiple blog posts that I feel like writing, I will write about the main issue that is on my mind.  The Agenda! Continue reading

35 Years of a Crumbling Union…

I was looking at some opinion polling the other day and I got thinking about historical independence opinions within Scotland.

The earliest opinions I could see on it were a mixture of Independence versus devolution, independence versus the status quo and full blown independence versus the union. Continue reading


The ‘Old Age’ problem of Independence

I read a tweet this morning by the excellent Barrhead Boy which said, and I quote

Would any Unionist voter out there please, please explain to me why you would keep supporting a system that literally starves our children?Continue reading


Things can be different, things can be better!

Well what a conference that was.

Whether you agree with the SNP’s government, independence direction or politicians or not, no one can argue that their announcements have a not a single detrimental effect on the people of Scotland.  Well, not everyone can argue unless you are an avid unionist or Tory voter. Continue reading


Beware of the Brexit NO DEAL to stop Independence!

Simply put, that is what the current UK Government are going to do to stop the independence ‘threat’.

The current ‘negotiations’, if you can call it that, are locked in a stale mate with the EU saying the ball is in UK hands and the UK saying the ball is in the EU’s hands. Continue reading


Let’s Learn the Lessons Scotland!

If there are two things the ‘Yes movement’ can take away from the recent and continuing situation in Catalonia it is:

  1. Any western nation that has a separatist movement that has a strong possibility of voting for and declaring independence will likely be met with trouble, unless it’s on the terms of the over-arching state; and
  2. Any western nation that has a separatist movement must be organised before it has any chance of possibly voting for and declaring independence.

Continue reading