Starving Ourselves of Independence…

Yesterday we learned that the UK Government is introducing a Minister for Food Supplies due to Brexit.

The article, in the Guardian states that it is to keep the line of procurement moving because there are a large number of food stuffs that cannot be stockpiled i.e. Milk.

The UK is a net importer of foods.  We currently get 30% of all of our foods from the EU.

Based on the farm-gate value of unprocessed food in 2017, the UK supplied just under half (50%) of the food consumed in the UK.  The leading foreign supplier of food consumed in the UK were countries from the EU (30%). Africa, Asia, North and South America each provided a 4% share of the food consumed in the UK.


The three largest value imported commodity groups (at 2017 prices) were fruit & vegetables, meat and beverages.

Even if the UK somehow managed to only import foods from the rest of the world, we would still only manage to acquire 70% of the food we actually need as a nation.

That would of course translate in single terms to only having enough food to feed 45,500,000 people, with 20,000,000 going hungry.

Now of course we know that’s not how it will work in practice, what will likely occur is that foods will sell out as quickly as they hit the shelves, and certain foods just won’t be available in certain areas i.e. rural areas aren’t going to be furnished with foods that you cannot buy in London?

The knock-on effect will be that local economies will suffer and many businesses will go to the wall very quickly which will exacerbate the situation as more people will rely on benefits and food banks.  Sadly, food banks will be out of stock as people will not be able to get enough food to feed themselves, let alone donate it to others.  It’ll then possibly escalate to people on the streets demanding food for their loved ones.

It’s also interesting to note that this is only the 3rd time since 1900 that the UK Government has had to introduce a Minister for Food.

In 1916 to 1921 a Minister of Food Control was introduced due to shortages caused by right wing actions in War time.  The population were fed at National Kitchens around the UK.

In 1939 to 1958 a Minister of Food was introduced caused by right wing actions in War time and national rationing took place in the UK.

And now in 2019 a Minister of Food Supplies will be introduced caused by home-grown right wing Brexiteers in Peace time.

I have three children.  I fully intend on not getting caught out by the impending shortages.  I will not allow them to go hungry due to the actions of others, many of whom have used racism, xenophobia and those on welfare as an excuse to hurt everyone else.

Are you hungry for independence yet?  If not, you should be.



One thought on “Starving Ourselves of Independence…

  1. I’m just old enough to remember ration books, now that you mention it. I remember my mam saying that rationing was finished except for a couple of things. Did any of the Leave voters have the faintest idea what they were in for?

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