Holyrood is Marked for Demolition

Next week, Theresa Mays Government, including the Secretary of State for Scotland in the Union, David Mundell will be challenging the Scottish Governments Continuity Bill at the UK Supreme Court.

David Mundell, not too long ago distinctly told Scotland that he would fight Scotland’s corner.  Seems like he was telling a little porkie pie!

He is literally as far away from fighting Scotland’s corners as you can get.  Maybe what he was implying was that he would fight Scotland’s corner, so long as it committed to a renewed effort to remain in the Union.  Maybe he meant that so long as Brexit could be foisted upon the will of Scotland, he would fight its corner, or maybe he just didn’t realise what he was saying was as hollow and empty as most realised when he said it.

Fast forward a little and we have him saying that the UK Government fighting the Continuity Bill in the Supreme Court is ‘No Big Deal‘…tell that to those of us in Scotland who support remaining in the Single Market and Customs Union…you know, 62% or  little over 1,611,000 million Scots.


“This is surely a massive understatement. The UK Government taking Holyrood to court could spark a major constitutional crisis and yet the man with a responsibility to defend Scotland’s best interests is just shrugging it off as merely part of the process, whatever that might mean.

This lack of concern is worrying but hardly surprising given the catalogue of ineptitude by Mundell and his Scottish Office since the whole Brexit debacle began”.

Let’s look at what could happen next week.  It’s fairly simple really, it’s one of two things:

1. Westminster wins the case against Holyrood.

2. Holyrood wins the case against Westminster.

If Holyrood wins the case against Westminster, I would imagine, that what is contained within the Continuity Bill will stand.  It is likely that Westminster will appeal the Supreme Courts decision but an appeal will likely be unsuccessful.  The media onslaught from a Holyrood victory would be horrendous.  The right wing, Brexit supporting media, including the BBC will not frame it as the SNP standing up for Scotland but as the SNP trying to stop Brexit.  That will anger the hard-line Brexiteers here in Scotland and in the rUK.  It will also likely result in a Constitutional Crisis that will only end one of two ways, either Westminster agrees to a Section 30 request to settle the will of Scotland, or the Constitutional Reform Group, fronted by the 7th Marquis of Salisbury, an Eton educated Tory Lord with a net worth of £355,000,000 will present his ‘constitutional reform’ to the Houses.  If you haven’t seen the plan, it’s below, and it’s frightening…

DagSOO6XUAIhNeR.jpg large

If Westminster wins the case against Holyrood, which I have an odd feeling will be the outcome, it will mark the beginning of the end of Devolution.  There is no way on God’s given Earth that Westminster will allow Scotland to stay in the Single Market and Customs Union and any devolved powers they leave with Holyrood will purely be for political gain.  It will not be done in the interests of Scotland.

To understand fully why I say what I do, you need to only look at history.  Scotland has always been a political nightmare for England.

Scotland and England share an island and a Monarch.  With this comes the sharing of resources and geopolitical positioning in NW Europe.  The bigger player will always try to maintain the upper hand.  At a societal level, Scotland and England are very different.  I’m not going to digress what I believe makes them different, but what I will say is that the relationship between the two nations would be far more conducive to success if we were neighbours only and not a married couple.

If Westminster wins, it will spark a constitutional crisis in Scotland, I suspect the people of England won’t really be bothered, why would they be? They are used to having the political upper hand.  However, here back home, at least 45% of the nation (possibly more since Brexit) will be fuming.  Again, the right wing Unionist media, including the BBC will portray it as a huge defeat for Sturgeon.  Not for Scotland but for Sturgeon.

Headlines will likely resemble war like connotations such as:

May defeats Sturgeon in the Battle for Britain…trust me, it’s how it will go down!

If Westminster does win, it will, in my opinion result in one of two things happening.  One, support for Holyrood explodes and the Yes movement grows by a few tens of thousands and Nicolas mantra of a second referendum (advisory) will become reality due to being pulled out of the Single Market and Customs Union against our will, or the second outcome is simply the erosion of devolution in Scotland and the rUK.

What Scotland voted for in terms of devolution, will, as so many other things in this unequal union, be taken away by Westminster and Governments we didn’t elect.

I keep saying it, Brexit was never about controlling borders, funding the NHS, stopping immigrants, a dictatorship in Europe, it was ALWAYS about stopping Scotland leaving the Union.

Scotland is, as I have said many time before, the biggest threat to the UK if it leaves, the UK (as head of the Commonwealth with some 2,000,000,000 people) will legally cease to exist.  Its political power on the world’s stage will be diminished.

Brexit is not a means to a beginning for the UK, it’s the means to an end for Scotland.



3 thoughts on “Holyrood is Marked for Demolition

  1. Oh not you too! Where the **** do those 18 bullet points come from? I’m currently studying the material on the CRG’s website and so far can’t actually find anything like so draconian, just a modest attempt to tidy up devolution into something like a proper federal set-up, a sort of mini-EU of the UK if I’ve read it right. Still a lot to plough through though, so please direct me to the relevant parts, other sources etc.


    My fear is that unsupported scare tactics could work against us, by turning off the critical c20% of don’t knows/not sures who need to be brought over to Yes if Indy is to happen. Flinging out any old ‘fake news’ will simply destroy the campaign’s credibility. The Scots are at heart a sensible and rather cautious people, put it down to history. So they need properly accredited facts, otherwise we’re not better than the BritNats/Leavers etc.


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